Free CS:GO Betting Picks 5/31 - ESEA Season 34: Premier Division - Australia - Chiefs Esports Club vs. PC419 Preview & Prediction

The ESEA Season 34: Premier Division - Australia season rolls on, and we have a fun battle forthcoming between Chiefs Esports Club and PC419. The ESEA Season 34: Premier Division - Australia is a B-Tier tournament and features 16 teams and is broken into two segments. They are currently in week five of nine of the competition in the Regular Season portion of the event.

The Regular Season is a round-robin league format featuring one map, winner take all matches. The top eight teams during the Regular Season will advance to the Playoffs. The Playoffs will be double-elimination. All matches in the Playoffs will be best-of-three-map matches, with the exception of the Grand Final with will be a best-of-five-map match with the Upper Bracket team entering with a one map lead.

Chiefs Esports Club Preview

The Australian roster of Chiefs Esports Club is one of the toughest teams participating in the ESEA Season 34: Premier Division - Australia. They enter this battle ranking 90th in the HLTV world CS:GO rankings. They are currently sitting 6-1 in this event and haven't lost a match since week one of the competition winning four straight during this stretch.

Most of Chiefs Esports Club's firepower comes from behind the duo of HUGHMUNGUS and soju_j. HUGHMUNGUS averages 0.71 kills and only 0.66 deaths per round over 64 maps in the past three months. His partner soju_j averages 0.74 kills and only 0.62 deaths over the past three month as well. These two players will need to have another huge showing in order for Chiefs Eports Club to find their way to a victory here.

PC419 Preview

The ESEA Season 34: Premier Division - Australia has been very unkind to PC419. They are currently sitting at the bottom of the standings with a 2-8 record. The 164th ranked team in the world accoriding to the HLTV world CS:GO rankings, they have lost six straight best-of-one matches and haven't broken the win column since May 6th.

There is not a ton to get excited about coming from PC419. Mirage is the only map that they have registered a win on in the past three months, and even then they have a 1-1 record on this map. All of their roster has a negative kill to death ratio also which is not a good sign. The only hope that PC419 has in this match would be for one of their players to step up in a major way, which is highly unlikely.

Pick: Chiefs Esports Club Spread/Handicap -6.5 Rounds (-140 @ Bovada)

The way that the vig is set up on this spread should be very indicative of how oddsmakers feel about this contest. It is never a good sign when there is a plus-money bet available to take an underdog with some rounds for a headstart. Chiefs Esports Club is one of the best teams in this tournament, and their opponent hasn't won a match since May 6th. Expect Chiefs Esports Club to absolutely dominate this affair. Lay the spread with them with extreme confidence and watch the money pile in.

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