Free CS:GO Betting Picks 5/31 - Gamers Without Borders - Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) vs. Mousesports Preview & Prediction

The Grand Final is set for the Gamers Without Borders CS:GO tournament, and we have a great battle upcoming between Natus Vincere and Mousesports. This will be a best-of-five-map affair and each map will be in MR12 (12 rounds max each map, if game is tied at 12-12 the first team to take two round lead will win the map). Instead of a normal prize pool, the placers in this tournament will have a total of $1,750,000 USD between the four of them to donate to a charity of their choosing.

Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) Preview

The Russian-based squad Natus Vincere enters this match ranking 2nd in the world in the HLTV CS:GO rankings. Despite the high world ranking, the team has hit a little bit of a tough stretch before this tournament as their record during the month of May has been 4-4. They drew a bye for the quarterfinals, and they squeezed a tough 2-1 win out over FaZe Clan in the semifinals to advance.

Statistically speaking, Natus Vincere's best map as a team is Nuke. They hold an 8-5 record on this map over the past three months with a 76.7% win rate after getting the first kill on Nuke. Dust2 is a strong map for the team also has they have went 9-5 on the map during this same period. Natus Vincere holds one of the world's best CS:GO players on their roster in s1mple. He has averaged 0.88 kills and only 0.58 deaths per round the past three months over a span of 51 maps played.

Mousesports Preview

Mousesports has a mixed-bag roster with five players from five different countries. They enter this bout ranking 4th in the HLTV world CS:GO rankings. The team, like their opponent, drew a bye for the quarterfinals and opened with a 2-1 win in the semifinals over OG. Despite ranking 4th in the world, The past few months have been unkind to the team and they need a big win here to move back in the right direction.

Dust2 is Mousesports's clear-cut best map. Over the past three months, they have a 7-3 record on this map with a 72.3% win rate after getting the first kill. They have seen some success on Nuke also as they hold a 7-4 record on this map during the same time period and a 68.6% win rate when getting the first kill. The leader of Mousesports is ropz, and he will be heavily relied on. Over the past three months, ropz averaged 0.74 kills and only 0.62 deaths per round over 58 maps played.

Pick: Natus Vincere Spread/Handicap -1.5 Maps (+160 @ Bovada)

I am riding with the favorite on the spread in this Grand FInal match. Neither of these teams have been playing to their full potential since the switch to online play despite still ranking high in the world. However, I believe that Mousesports is outmatched in this one. Chrisj and karrigan are no longer the players they used to be, and they tend to hold Mousesports back. Natus Vincere has a more diverse map pool and a few players who can contribute more than their counterparts, and I expect this to be the difference-maker. Give me Natus Vincere to take down Mousesports in a somewhat dominant fashion.


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