Free CS:GO Betting Picks 6/10 - ESEA MDL Season 34: Premier Division - Europe - FATE vs. PACT Preview & Prediction

The day of Week 6 action in the Regular Season portion of the ESEA MDL Season 34: Premier Division - Europe wraps up with FATE battling with PACT. The Regular Season features nine weeks of action with a round-robin league format. Each match in the Regular Season will be a best-of-one-map battle, and the top eight teams will advance to the Playoffs.

Map Spread: PACT -2.5

Total: 26.5

FATE Preview

Record: 3-3

HLTV world ranking: 48th

The Bulgarian squad FATE has been fairly successful lately, and this is why they are at their highest HLTV world ranking ever. The maps Train and Overpass are specialties of the team. They hold an 11-4 record on Train and an 8-4 record on Overpass. The downside for the team is there is a sharp decline in win rates on other maps beyond those two. They haven't registered a single round win on either Vertigo or Nuke the last three months either.

The team leader of FATE is mar. This player has averaged 0.72 kills with 0.67 deaths over the past three months. Outside of him, the only real big "leader" is harn who averaged 0.68 kills and only 0.60 deaths in this same period. Zix has been somewhat of a hinderance to the team, and he needs to turn things around. The past three months he has only averaged 0.54 kills per round while dying 0.71 times a round. FATE needs a solid team performance if they plan on being victorious in this matchup.

PACT Preview

Record: 6-1

HLTV world ranking: 51st

PACT will enjoy facing an opponent more on their level after taking on Team Spirit in their first match of the day. Train has been favorite map of the team lately, and their odds to win jump drastically if they land on this map which is a difficult map overall. On Train they hold a 5-2 record over the past three months with a 78.2% win rate. The team is sitting at their highest ever HLTV ranking, and they may need this contest to regroup.

Despite their nice 6-1 record in this event, no one on PACT's roster really has been overly impressive from a statistical standpoint. Goofy and Sobol have been the team leaders, and their kill to death ratio isn't going to impress anyone. Both of these players have averaged 0.7 kills per round over the past three months with 0.67 deaths per round. PACT's route to victory is simply to not get ahead of themselves, play their slow, methodical style and they should be able to take victory in this battle.

Pick: PACT Spread/Handicap -2.5 Rounds (+100 @ Bovada)

I honestly have no faith in FATE, especially in this contest. I feel as though PACT will really be reeling for this win because this will be their second match of the day and the first is against the 13th ranked team in the world in Team Spirit. PACT has been very good in contests that they are expected to win, and I expect this one to be no different. I can't pass up the opportunity to take PACT at even money with a small spread as I fully expect them to dominate this battle. This is a max bet in my opinion as PACT's roster doesn't have many holes while FATE has a few players who have been struggling. PACT will cover this spread easily as they crusie to a victory.

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