Free CS:GO Betting Picks 6/2 - DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 - Asia - TYLOO vs. Beyond Preview & Prediction

The opening mactch of the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 - Asia will see TYLOO battle it out with Beyond. The DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 - Asia features four teams from the Asian region. They will participate in a double elimination bracket. All match with the exclusion of the Grand Final are scheduled as best-of-three-map matches. The Grand Final will be a best-of-five-map match with the Upper Bracket team entering the match with a one map advantage.

TYLOO Preview

The Chinese squad TYLOO enters this battle ranking 52nd in the HLTV world CS:GO rankings. The team is excellent on the map Dust2, and it is by far their favorite map. Over the past three months they hold a record of 7-1 on this map with an 87.5% win rate and a 77.3% win rate after getting the first kill. There's a sharp downslide behind the map though as they have a win rate no better than 50% on any other map.

TYLOO is a somewhat top-heavy team like many from this region. Their statistical leader is DANK1NG who has been outstanding over the past three months. During this period, he has averaged 0.8 kills per round while only dying 0.66 times per round. SLOWLY has also been a solid contributor, but he could stand to cut back on deaths per round. The past three months he hs averaged 0.78 kills per round but he has 0.7 deaths per round to counteract his high kill total.

Beyond Preview

Beyond features an all-Thai roster, and they come into this match ranking 96th in the HLTV world CS:GO rankings. They were looking well against inferior competition, but they have since lost three straight matches albeit against tough opponents. They haven't really stood out on any particular map lately, but they haven't really looked horrible on any maps beside Dust2 which will most likely be their ban.

Despite their recent struggles, Beyond does have a pretty talented roster. Olivia is the team's statistical leader and he has played well lately. Over the past three months he has averaged 0.78 kills and only 0.65 deaths per round. Their second best player is qqGOD. During the past three months he has contributed 0.76 kills per round while only dying 0.69 times per round. Beyond's other three starters don't have terrible kill to death ratios, and they have a solid roster top to bottom.

Pick: Beyond Spread/Handicap +1.5 Maps (-120 @ Bovada)

I'm very tempted to take Beyond's stout moneyline because I feel as though they are the better team, but I am playing it safe with the spread because of their recent struggles. TYLOO's best map by far is Dust2, a map in which Beyond struggles on. I am very confident that Dust2 will be banned by Beyond which will increase their chances of winning at least one map by a ton. If you really feel like gambling, Beyond's +345 moneyline is the way to go. However if you're looking to play it safe, then ride with me on their spread and a headstart in this map and watch the cash come.

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