Free CS:GO Betting Picks 6/3 - ESEA MDL Season 34: Premier Division - Australia - Paradox vs. Mako Preview & Prediction

Week 6 action in the Regular Season portion of the ESEA MDL Season 34: Premier Division - Australia continues with Paradox squaring away with Mako. The Regular Season features nine weeks of action with a round-robin league format. Each match in the Regular Season will be a best-of-one-map battle, and the top eight teams will advance to the Playoffs.

Map Spread: Paradox -5.5

Total: 25.5 Rounds (-135o/+100u)

Paradox Preview

Record: 3-5

The exclusively-Australian roster of Paradox enters this contest ranking 122nd in the HLTV world CS:GO rankings. The team's clear-cut favorite map is Overpass. They hold a 76.7% win rate on the map when getting the first kill, and over the past three months they have gone 3-1 on this map. Outside of Overpass, Paradox isn't overly impressive on any other maps however which could come back to bite them if they aren't able to play on Overpass.

The statistical team leader of Paradox is ekul, and he will be realied on heavily in this bout and all in the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 - Asia. Over the past three months, he has averaged a nice 0.76 kills per round with only 0.67 deaths per round. There is a somewhat steep cliff behind him however as only one other player on the team has a higher kill average than death average. The key to victory for Paradox is that ekul has got to be outstanding and one other player has to step in as a seconday supporter regardless of who it will be.

Mako Preview

Record: 4-5

Mako's roster, ranking 126th in the world, is composed of four Australian native players and one native of Hong Kong. I wouldn't necessarily call it a disadvantage due to somewhat low activity, but over the past three months the team has no win rates over 50% on any map. However, historically Mako's best map has been Overpass. Over time, they have held a 66.7% win rate on this map, and they have a 60% win rate on both Inferno and Nuke.

ZILLA is the team's best player statistically. Over the past three months he has carried the team as he has averaged 0.74 kills and only 0.65 deaths per round. Their secondary attacker callum_murray has been getting kills as evident by his 0.71 kills per round average, but he hasn't been able to avoid death the best with an average of 0.73 deaths per round. I only see two things needed for Mako to achieve victory. ZILLA has got to be on point for this match and either callum_murray or another player has to step to the plate and help carry the team.

Pick: Mako Spread/Handicap +5.5 Rounds

I am on Mako for this battle, but I am going to play it safely. Paradox is laying a ton of juice (-400) and I'm not quite sure why. You can't really compare their record because Mako has played an extra game to this point, but statistically speaking Mako's players have been playing better over the past few months. Mako has been good on the map Overpass, in fact historically it's their best map. However their opponent is excellent on this map but not dominant on any others. I believe that Mako's better performance recently is indicative that they are good enough to at least hang around in this contest.

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