Why we think the “no sweat bet”” promo from FanDuel is the best we have in seen in years, even if you’re a “small” bettor.

Why we think the “no sweat bet”” promo from FanDuel is the best we have in seen in years, even if you’re a “small” bettor.

Most sportsbooks offer some sort of smaller stakes promotion to get you to sign up. Typically they offer you no more than $200 in free bets and there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t dismiss the “$3,000 no sweat first bet” from FanDuel just because you think you don’t bet big enough.

Here’s our thought process using an average bettor who deposits a few hundred dollars into their sportsbook from time to time as an example. We’ll call him Bettor X.

The first question Bettor X should ask himself:

If I deposit $300 in my sportsbooks account and bet my typical $25-$100 amount and things go bad and I lose it all, will I ever deposit money in my account again or am I done betting forever?

We believe Bettor X, along with most bettors will not be done forever and at some point will deposit another $300 (give or take). So Bettor X must ask himself the same question again and chances are he’ll likely deposit more at some point in the future. Chances are he will likely continue betting, having fun, trying to make money and should his account dry up, he will continue depositing over time.

So in our eyes, Bettor X should deposit the maximum amount allowed which is $3000 because he will likely end up depositing that much at some point in the coming months or even years. Then, Bettor X should bet the whole $3,000 on the Super Bowl or anything he really likes. If the game wins, he now has $6,000 in his account. He should withdraw $5,700, leaving himself with the initial $300 he wanted to deposit in the first place and go back to betting $25 wagers.

If the pick loses, the entire $3,000 gets refunded back into Bettor X’s account as a credit. Now he can’t withdraw that money yet, only amounts equal to what he has wagered from the credit and won. For example, if his $3,000 pick loses, he now has $3,000 in credits. If he wagers $300 of that over the weekend and all of those best win, he can withdraw the $300 profits.

And even if Bettor X doesn’t have the $3,000 to deposit, he can do less. Heck, even $500 is fine if that’s all he has to wager with. The key is to bet the whole thing, even if it’s a larger-than-normal wager because the whole bet is refunded in credits if you lose.

So roll the dice!

FanDuel hopes you don’t!

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Remember, you should only be wagering with money you can afford to lose.

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