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On Tap For Today, Are Seven CBB Totals Plays. Get All Seven Plays For Just $14.37.

David "The Dominator" Hess David is on a 29-17 CBB totals run and he is 14-7 overall the last three days.He has gone 5-0 in his last five NFL plays now. David dominated CFB totals all year, going 75-35-2 in such plays. He also went 16-4-1 in his 21 CFB 9-Unit Plays for the year and was 19-7-1 in Bowl Season overall, including 13-3-1 in totals. David Ranked 1st at SportsWatchMonitor during the bowl season.

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David Hess

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David's expertise is well respected and well-documented in the industry, having been contracted to provide in-depth analysis and predictions for numerous sports betting organizations, and now after heavy negotiations, exclusively for the Winners and Whiners family.

David's out-of-the-box and sometimes contrarian and unorthodox process has allowed him to gain a decisive edge in sports betting, taking advantage of the sportsbook's mostly computer-generated odds. He has the tools, knowledge, and experience that easily places among the most tops in the industry every year for nearly a decade.

As the cliche goes, David literally lives, eats, and sleeps sports studying and watching games up to 18 hours a day. Also known as the “numbers guy” on the team, David is the go-to for whenever someone needs to confirm an obscure statistic. He uses his almost encyclopedic knowledge of sporting data and trends, along with his proprietary statistical models, to profitably predict the outcome of a game.

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