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Ben Hayes

In the NBA, Ben is 300-182-4 (62.2%) over the last two+ years. In baseball, he is 361-196-7 over his last two seasons (64.9%)

The best option for sports bettors, who want experience, knowledge, and a super documented track record is Ben Hayes.

Nationally recognized (and champion handicapper) Ben "The Pen" Hayes has been working in the sports handicapping field for nearly 30 years, delivering countless winners as a professional bettor and Editor in Chief at Winners and Whiners. Hayes has learned through decades of experience that knowledge and information give you the ability to succeed in sports betting. But there's a process of taking the key information accumulated on each matchup and finding line value that gives Hayes the edge over the posted numbers. Ben's results speak for themselves and he is 155-91-3 (63%) run in college football and 192-132-5 (59.3) in the NFL over the last four years, one of the highest long-term winning streaks in the country. Ben is 625-376-16 (62.4%) over his last three+ years in college basketball. In the NBA, he is 300-182-4 (62.2%) over the last two+ years. In baseball, Ben is 361-196-7 over his last two seasons (64.6%).   Ben has also worked in the sports media for over 30 years and that experience has helped him develop strong connections. He has won numerous awards from independent sports monitoring services.

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