Authentication FAQ


1. What is token-based authentication?

A token is basically the same as a password with a few, key security enhancing differences: tokens are single use and have a limited period of validity. Rather than provide us with a password that you would use over and over to login, when you’re ready to login our system will issue you a token that is only valid for that session. We have decided to issue tokens via SMS as phones are generally far more secure than email.

2. What is the difference between TFA and token-based authentication?

There are a lot of similarities in how we are implementing token-based authentication and common use of Two Factor Authentication (2FA/TFA) by many businesses and organizations. The key difference is that TFA involves two different elements, often an email & password along with a token. This is extremely secure. Our system uses only one element: the token, which is less secure than TFA but more secure than traditional password-based authentication.

3. Why did we adopt a token-based authentication system?

Better Security: Tokens are short-lived and single-use, making them vastly more secure than traditional passwords. Issuing the token over SMS is vastly more secure than via email.

Easier to use: No password to remember. Just need to have your device on hand and you’re all set! Soon we will be able to offer “one-touch” access, removing even the need to enter the token.

4. Do I need to use a US phone number?

No! We are able to support all international phone numbers with the only exception being countries where due to US law and treaty we are unable to do business.

5. I already have an account, can I still login using an email?

Yes, but only for a limited time. In the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to all existing users to inform them of the change and steps to take to secure their account with a phone number. Until then, you may continue to login normally here!.

6. How long will email authentication remain available?

We anticipate that email authentication will be fully replaced by the new token-based authentication by February 2021. This may be extended as needed based on user adoption and feedback on the new system.

7. How do I add a phone number to my existing account?

For now, you may continue to use the password-based authentication as normal. We will be sending out emails to users in phases with instructions to transition to the new token-based system. If you would like to transition sooner, please contact us.