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ATS Consultants exploded on the scene in 1992 and changed the landscape of the sports betting industry. Instead of the “one-man handicapper,” ATS put together a Dream Team of experts consisting of the following:

  • World Class Handicappers: Over 200 years of combined skill, knowledge and expertise from a stable of champion handicappers makes ATS one of the most formidable advisors in the industry.
  • Information Broker Specialists: With a yearly fund of over $5,000,000, their brokers are constantly making deals and acquisition to acquire the best proprietary and game-changing information available.
  • Data Scientists: Using machine learning, building proprietary algorithms and constantly crunching complex data, their team of actuaries and data scientists are finding ways to increase predictability in sports and thus, increase ROI.
  • Oddsmakers: Insight and guidance from a slate of current and ex-oddsmakers gives ATS and advantage very few can say they have.
  • Outside Scouts and Contacts: An extensive network of affiliates puts “eyes-on” practices, scrimmages and exhibition games, as well as keeps it pulse on extended family and friends of players and coaches when possible.
  • College and Pro Player Consultants: Bringing insight to the outcomes of games from players who have been there offers unparalleled insight. Combined with personal relationships to active players (when applicable), this sensitive information can have tremendous impact on ROI.
  • Money Management Specialists: Constantly evaluating season, monthly and weekly ROI in relation with goals, their team can advise clients on an custom and 1-on-1 basis, the best plan of attack to achieve profit targets.

Customer Reviews & Comments

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I used ATS free picks for a long time. I mean A LONG TIME. They won a few but it seemed like they lost more than they won. When I bought a $7 game, it lost. A lot of the reviews I saw online were about how bad they were at picking winners, but since I did have some luck with their free picks, I jumped when I got an email about a big college basketball weekend. The guy I talked to was cool and said people are quick to write negative stuff online and not so much positive stuff. They have been around for 20 years so I guess they can’t suck too bad. I took a chance and tried them out, been a member of their Lock Club since 2015.

Robert posted on September 15th 2017

I’m not one to post reviews but I’m writing this one for bettors that know about betting on lots of games at a time. ATS tells you to throw your money just to the top games instead of a bunch of small ones. It makes so much sense because the juice kills you if you bet too many games.

Brandon posted on November 4th 2018

I’ve been looking online for years for a service that wins consistently. So thankful I found ATS. The salesmen do push their Lock Club hard, but it wins more than it loses. You won’t regret signing up with them.

Pavel posted on January 8th 2019

I’ve never reviewed anything before, but I’m sick of reading the garbage out there on ATS. I’ve been with them for 15 years playing every sport. I’ve had losing seasons in each and every sport. And this isn’t farfetched because winning isn’t possible all the time. And yet I have never had a losing year. I can’t quit my job or anything, but every year they put 60-100K in my pocket and I can’t complain about that.

Eddie posted on January 29th 2016

Why would I buy a package if my free pick from tonight didn’t win? I will pass.

Antonio posted on August 11th 2018

I purchased the basketball Insiders picks for $149. I ended up losing some money on them and almost immediately gave me my money back per their money back guarantee. The guy I spoke to said those picks were good, but not their best. Their best picks were out of budget for me but I hope I can find a way to get them next year. The way they treated my business honestly and respectfully spoke volumes.

Johann posted on February 26th 2016

I first heard about ATS in a magazine back in the 90s and have been a client since. ATS wins often, but you need to prepare have a losing stretch from time to time. But the lows have always been worth it in the end!

Matt posted on March 25th 2019

Never in a hundred years did I think that I could make money from hockey. I’ve never even seen a hockey game but that money????? That money is making hockey my new favorite sport!

Rashad posted on April 15th 2018

One of my drinking buddies has been with ATS for years and only said good things. I finally joined them too and have to say I like what I see so far. Yeah the results can only be measured long term but they haven’t let me down yet. Eager to see how we do in football.

Trevor posted on October 7th 2017

I spent about six months using only ATS’s free picks because of all the bad reviews I saw. When I called in and asked a rep about them, he told me to hunt down reviews clients wrote specifically about the Lock Club packages. And then I saw the reason behind all the bad reviews. They were left by disgruntled bettors who only received the free picks or stuck with ATS for only a couple of weeks. I’m glad I trusted the Lock Club reviews. ATS is the only service I use now.

Abe posted on November 10th 2018