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In the sports betting industry since 1971, Doc’s Sports prides itself on creating strong relationships with their customers. What began as a handpicked selection of knowledgeable friends has grown to an in-depth network of handicappers that stretches across the United States. Clients are assured they will receive the same picks as every other Doc’s client for the same price, as well as detailed analyses for each play released. These analyses take everything into consideration, from the weather conditions to past and current trends to the exclusive insider information they receive from their own personal contacts.

Customer Reviews & Comments

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I used Vernon Croy’s football picks for three weeks. They were worse than garbage. The guarantee policy they claim to have is a joke. All you do is chase whatever money you put in after losing weeks on end.

Noah posted on December 23rd 2017

Okay yes, I have received some bad picks. HOWEVER Doc is a trustworthy source with a track record of producing winners during football season. I completely trust the methods he uses to make his selections because they have worked for me. I’ve made money with his service in the past and I know that trend will continue. Maybe his picks aren’t for everyone because they require using a little bit of common sense and fast action.

Ryan posted on November 15th 2017

A lot is left to be desired with these guys. They didn’t do anything but lose units for the whole basketball season I watched them. When I tried getting in touch with a rep, they blocked me. What’s wrong with hearing someone’s concerns if you’re a decent and honest business?

Theo posted on December 15th 2018

If your main goal is to waste your money, you’ve found the right handicapper to use. They are more than willing to give you crap plays just so they line their pockets. Their track record is a complete joke and the oversights they make when choosing their picks are laughable too. Run away!

Felix posted on August 5th 2016

It’s pricey to start, but once you get going on a hot streak it’s like the money is falling right into your lap. I had some financial goals in mind when I started gambling and I have already met them after playing just a few months. I’ve never been in a position where I could just spend money on what I wanted without worrying about the cost until now.

Amir posted on March 17th 2018