Wunderdog Sports

Wunderdog Sports began in 2001 when its creator realized his skill for picking NFL underdogs. The company started with just the wunderdog himself and has since grown to a team of eight individuals committed to providing their clients with daily winning predictions in every major American sport. Further attesting to the Dog’s skills, Wunderdog Sports has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal and on ESPN.com, MSN.com, and Entrepreneur.com.

Customer Reviews & Comments

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Tried out this service during college basketball. Some really off putting picks were given to me. High money lines on weird games. Because the money lines were off so frequently, paired with the high price, I actually ended up losing money by the end of the season. I will say the picks finished strong, but a little poking around online shows that most services did well. I do like the amount of research Wunderdog offers behind their picks, but with all of that effort, you’d think they would do so much better.

Oscar posted on May 28th 2018

Big fan of the write ups Wonderdog puts out. His winning percentage is above average, hes honest & I found winning percentage above average. Pleasant on the phone and thats something u dont find much in this business.

Dylan posted on June 29th 2018

Used a sport I dont care much for (BASEBALL) to test this guy out Seems to do best in baseball picks and winsmore than he loses His fees are pricey but have turned a profit

Ilan posted on January 3rd 2018