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How To Bet On the 2018 FIFA World Cup

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup starts from June 14th, 2018, when the host nation Russia meets Saudi Arabia at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, until July 15th, 2018. We will see 64 games, 48 of them in the group stage, so it is a great opportunity for the bettors to wage some money, as the best national soccer teams from all over the world will fight to become world champions and lift the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

The FIFA World Cup is a quite specific tournament, as it lasts for a month and the team who wants to win the title needs to finish in the top two in the group stage, and then advance through three rounds of the knock-out phase before getting to the World Cup Final. Plenty of betting options are available ahead of the tournament, allowing the bettors to pick up their favorites before the group-stage first round matches, but when the battle starts, you can expect to see a lot of odds changes during the tournament caused by many factors. It makes the game even more intriguing, so let's see some important tips on how to bet on the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Tip #1. Analyze the History of the Teams

Either you want to bet on one particular game or try with a multiple, the first important thing to do is to analyze the history of all teams who qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, as it can be really helpful and guide you through the tournament. By now, only eight countries managed to win the FIFA World Cup, so it tells you a lot on how difficult it is to win the trophy here, while only two teams pulled off two in a row – Italy in 1934 and 1938, and Brazil in 1958 and 1962.

Pedigree is quite substantial at the biggest stage, and often some of the strongest teams at the moment cannot satisfy the odds. For example, Belgium had a terrific team in Brazil 2014, but they ended the journey in the Quarter-Finals, and it was obvious that they didn't have the right psychological momentum. On the other hand, Brazil won five World Cups, partaking in each tournament thus far, while Germany made it at least to the last eight in each of the previous 16 FIFA World Cup final tournaments. Hereof, check out the teams' history at the biggest tournaments, and see who's a favorite or who's prone to underperforming.

Tip #2. Compare the Stats and Form of the Teams

This is quite important when it comes to the third-round games of the group stage and knock-out phase matches when you can analyze the current form of each team and compare it mutually along with the stats from previous encounters. However, you should also check out the stats from qualifying rounds, as it can tell you some interesting facts about the particular team, but also from friendly games prior to the World Cup, although these friendlies could be just an experiment.

When you've compared both stats and form, you can decide which wager is suitable for each game. If one team allows too many shots to their opponents, conceding in few matches in a row, they look ready to concede again in their next game, especially if they meet an efficient team who knows how to take advantage of its' chances.

Also, the current form can help you to find some upsets during the World Cup, as there is always a team that seems weak on a paper, but thanks to a great form at the right moment, they can beat even the strongest team in the world. For example, look at Costa Rica team in the previous FIFA World Cup, when they've reached the Quarter-Finals after topping their group ahead of three heavyweights Uruguay, Italy, and England.


Tip #3. Study the Shape of the Important Players

While some sides possess plenty of talent among the squad, some of them are pretty limited with just one or two true star players in the team, but each team has its' own key guys who are invaluable for their game. The bettors need to keep track of these players and study their shape before deciding to lay bets, as the form of specific player can be a decisive factor in team's eventual success or failure.

Take Argentina for example, as Albiceleste has Lionel Messi on the team who's arguably one of the greatest players in the history of soccer. Messi is a tremendous individual capable of beating some teams on his own, but without him, Argentina is just a mediocre side, and if Messi struggles with his form in Russia, we could see Albiceleste out way before they've planned. On the other hand, if Messi finds his top form this summer, Argentina is automatically one of the strongest contenders to win the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Or take a look at Colombia's success at the 2014 World Cup, when the playmaker James Rodriguez became a world star, leading his team to the Quarter-Finals with an exceptional form, and winning the Golden Boot award at the end. So, if you fully analyze the shape of the important players, you'll have an easier job to properly choose your wages.

Tip #4. Break Down Strength and Weaknesses of Each Team

Each team has some weaknesses in their play along with strength parts, so it is essential to break down these before you start betting on the FIFA World Cup. You should be ready for a hard-labor research, but it is the best way to find out what you can expect from a specific national team. Also, it is a good method to find the right matches for your favorite betting style or to avoid some teams if you induce they aren't a good choice at the moment.

The bettors who like betting on the totals will try to find efficient teams with a strong attack and fluid game that leads to plenty of scoring opportunities, but they can also pick up the team who possesses a sturdy defense and bet on the under. Likewise, it is essential to mix this analysis by comparing the stats and form, and then decide who are the sides you should bet on at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Tip #5. Take Advantage of the Bookmakers Options

If you want to get the best possible odds, you need to take advantage of the bookmakers' options and find the right lines and markets. At the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we have some massive favorites among the group stage games, but the bettors can try to beat the spread and get some serious wages. They can also try betting on the totals and pick up the lines they want, but in both cases, the bettors need to be both smart and brave. As I've already mentioned, the things can be quite tight here, so picking the right lines is substantial.

The majority of the biggest contenders at the 2018 FIFA World Cup should acquit the expectations, so through a solid analysis of the bookmakers' options, the bettors can pick up some decent markets. The teams such as Panama and Saudi Arabia are considered as colossal underdogs, and the bettors should pay attention to their games, too, as the weakest teams could suffer some big losses. Likewise, some solid teams who find the form at the right time could pay the wager if you decide to select the right spread or line.

Tip #6. Pay Attention to the Importance of Specific Game

The FIFA World Cup is always full of big games, and it is one of the main reasons why it is so popular among the bettors worldwide. The vast majority of World Cup matches are like finals where you have to win or go home, so you need to carefully analyze each game and see how big the stake is, as it mostly dictates the flow of the game. At the previous World Cup in Brazil, just six out of 16 knock-out stage games had more than two goals in the total, while only one had at least four goals on the scoreboard, so things are getting tight when it comes to decisive matches.

However, this could be a major advantage for the bettors, as often the strongest teams justify the odds in those crucial games, whilst it is much easier for the bettors to pick up the wage and decide which betting options are appropriate for each game. The upset is always a possibility at the biggest stage, but you should be able to choose the right odds if you consider the importance of a specific clash.

Betting on the Totals Top 5 Picks

  • France vs. Australia – Over 2.5 Goals (-112)
  • Belgium vs. Panama – Over 2.5 Goals (-135)
  • South Korea vs. Germany – Over 3 Goals (+105)
  • Nigeria vs. Argentina – Over 3 Goals (+105)
  • Japan vs. Senegal – Over 2.5 Goals (+130)

Betting on the Spread Top 5 Picks

  • Belgium vs. Panama – Belgium AH -2 (-115)
  • France vs. Australia – France AH -1.5 (-135)
  • England vs. Panama – England AH -2 (+115)
  • Spain vs. Morocco – Spain AH -1.5 (+115)
  • Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia – Uruguay AH -2 (+145)


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