2020 Money In The Bank Preview, Predictions & Odds

This Sunday night the WWE will present its Money In The Bank pay-per-view. This is one of my favorite events of the year. Once again, it will be held without fans, but heck WWE has been doing it for a while that way and I barely notice that there are no fans attending the events. It was weird (and quiet) at first but the WWE has found ways to manufacture noise and that has been good.

Today, I will break down the entire card with predictions and odds. I also did a podcast with Scott Steehn and Scott Reichel. You can CLICK HERE to see our breakdown of the event. Let’s get to all the action.

Shaemus vs Jeff Hardy (No Odds)

This match is a reason why I wanted to wait until after Friday night Smackdown to write this article. Jeff Hardy has been away for a little while and on Smackdown, Michael Cole had been chronicling a story about Hardy. This went on for four weeks and they always were after Shaemus had a match. The Celtic Warrior was not happy as he keeps destroying his opponents and Cole would just talk about Hardy after the match. This past Friday, Hardy made his return and then called out Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior came out and tried to attack Jeff in the ring, but it was thwarted and hardy stood tall after delivering a twist of fate. Jeff Hardy is looking to make one more run in the WWE before possibly calling it quits down the road. Can he begin his comeback with a huge win over Shaemus? I feel that he can. Hardy still has something to prove and he will start his final run with a big win over the Celtic Warrior. Prediction: Jeff Hardy

Smackdown Tag Team Title Fatal 4-Way Match: The New Day (+100) vs. The Miz & John Morrison (9+125) vs. The Forgotten Sons (+250) vs. Lucha House Party (+500).

This should be a fun match as it is played under fatal 4-way rules. That means one wrestler from every team is in the ring at one time and the winning team will be crowned by being the first team to win by pinfall or submission. There are no count-outs or no disqualifications in this one either. It is a complete free-for-all. Before I really get into this one, let’s eliminate the Lucha House Party. It would be cool if the won and it would be just like the WWE to throw a curveball but it just won’t happen. The Miz and Morrison have a bit of momentum after picking a win in an eight-man tag match on Friday night but I do not see them taking this one. They had their time many years ago and when Morrison came back this year, the Friday Night Delight won the belts but their time is done at the moment. The winners of this match will be either the New Day or the Forgotten Sons, who pinned the champs in a tag match a couple of weeks ago. The Forgotten Sons recently got the call-up to the Main Roster and they have been very tough since doing so. I feel that the New Blood will take this one. The New Day has had their time as they are the eight-time champs but something just feels right about the Forgotten Sons getting a push by the WWE. Prediction: The Forgotten Sons (+250)

SmackDown Women's Championship Match: Bayley (-500) vs Tamina (+300)

This has a chance to be a good match. Tamina has emerged again and now has a shot at the Women’s Smackdown Title, which Bayley has held for well over 200 days. Tamina was in the Fatal 5-Way Match for the Title at Wrestlemania but was eliminated when all the other four members of the match pinned her at the same time. Since then, Tamina has been doing very well and even formed a bit of a friendship with Lacy Evans. Tamina wanted a title match and Bayley said that she can have one if she were to beat Sasha banks. That is exactly what she did. Bayley tried to get involved in the match but Evans came out to aid her new friend. We are starting to see some cracks in the friendship of Bayley and Sasha and the two were beaten by lacey and Tamina this past Friday night. Will Sasha come out to help her friend one more time? I feel she will be involved at some point. I also feel that Bayley will win this match as well. It makes sense as it looks like the WWE could be setting up a match between Bayley and Sasha for the title down the road. That would be a helluva match. Tamina always resurfaces, makes a push that never pans out, and then fades away for a while. She will not win this one. Prediction: Bayley (-500)

Universal Championship Match: Braun Stroman (-130) vs Bray Wyatt (-110)

This is a match with plenty of backstory to it. Several years ago when Braun Stroman first started, he came up as a member of the Wyatt Family. He joined Bray, Luke Harper, and Eric Rowan and was known as the Black Sheep of the family. Braun even wore a black sheep mask, which Bray has been showing him of late. On Friday night, Braun called out Bray to face him one on one and the Eater of Worlds obliged. He came out and told Braun that he needs to come home and in order to do that, Bray needs to relieve him of the title. Braun did not go for the mind games. I feel that this match is setting something up down the line. Bray will wrestle as himself in this match and not as The Fiend. As Bray, he will lose but when he wrestles as The Fiend he should win. Braun will likely hold onto the Title until Roman Reigns returns and then it will be at that time that Bray (The Fiend) wins the belt. Roman is currently out over COVID 19 fears as he did just get over Leukemia and his underlying condition makes him very vulnerable. This should be a very good match and you can expect many mind games at the start. Prediction: Braun Stroman (-130)

WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (-700) vs Seth Rollins (+400)

It has been a long time coming for Drew Mcintyre, who was once dubbed as the chosen one by Vince McMahon many years ago. It didn’t pan out as was expected and eventually, Drew was fired. He then came back to the WWE and had bulked up massively. When he came back, the Scottish Psychopath was a heel and even helped Shane McMahon dominate for a while. That all changed as the Royal Rumble when Drew won it to the huge delight of all the fans. Suddenly, Drew was a fan favorite and he solidified that monicker after defeating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and finally becoming the world champ that Mr. McMahon said he would be many years ago. Drew will now face Seth Rollins in hopes of retaining his title. Many are wondering why Seth is getting the title shot. He did lose to Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania, so shouldn’t K.O. get the shot? One would think that. All Seth had to do to get a title shot was come out and attack McIntyre from behind. Seth has turned heel a little while ago and now paints himself as someone who will rescue the WWE and lead it into the future. He is the Monday Night Messiah but he will not be the WWE Champion after this match is over. Drew’s title reign has just started and I see him keeping the belt for a long time. Prediction: Drew McIntyre

The Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Shayna Baszler (-150) vs Nia Jax (+300) vs Asuka (+200) vs Carmella (+1000) vs Dana Brooke (+700) vs Lacy Evans (+400)

We first must note that the Women’s and the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Matches will take place at the same time. It is also being done as a cinematic event, like the Boneyard Match at Wrestlemania. Let’s start by eliminating a few that I feel have no chance at all. Carmella is one. She did win the very first Women’s MIB Ladder Match but she will not win this one. Dana Brooke is another one that I feel is well out of the picture. Lacy Evans has had her moments of late after forming a nice friendship with Tamina but she is not going to win it. That leaves us with Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, and Asuka. Nia Jax is a force in the woman’s division right now and she has been running roughshod over every one of late, including both Baszler and Asuka. I would expect most of the women to gang up on Nia and try and take her out of the competition early. It may not happen but they will all try. Asuka is dangerous as she is one of the best in the Women’s division and she has plenty of devious tricks up her sleeve and you need that kind of thinking for this match. That brings us to Baszler, who is one of the most ruthless women in the history of the WWE. This match sets up perfectly for here as anything goes. She can use any means necessary to fight her way to the top of the building and grab the briefcase. Baszler lost her chance at the woman’s title at Mania when she lost to Becky Lynch and she will be fighting hard to get that chance again. I also feel that having Baszler with the briefcase, the WWE could get a lot of play with that. This one is Baszler’s to lose. Prediction: Shayna Baszler (-150).

The Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Daniel Bryan (+600) vs. Aleister Black (+175) vs. Rey Mysterio (+1200) vs. King Corbin (+800) vs. vs. Otis (+600) vs. AJ Styles (-125)

You start at the bottom floor of WWE’s Corporate Headquarters and fight your way to the top of the building where a ring with ladders is set up and the briefcases are hanging high above it. This should be fun and it is important to note that is was filmed a could of weeks ago but the results of the match are not known. Rey Mysterio is the longest odds on the board and with good reason as I feel he has a snowball’s chance in hell at winning this. I am a bit surprised that Corbin’s odds are worse than Otis’. On Friday night, Corbin, Nakamura, and Cesaro got the win over Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak, and Otis. Corbin’s team won and afterward, the six wrestlers gave us a bit of a taste of the ladder match and Corbin fought his way through to eventually grab the briefcase. That usually never is a good sign for a wrestler when the PPV actually takes place. Corbin will not win. As much of a fan favorite he is at the moment, I do not see Otis winning. It would be nice but it won’t happen. Hell, he tried to climb the ladder on Friday night and the steps broke. LOL. Daniel Bryan has won the Briefcase before (So did Corbin) but I can’t see him doing so here. He has a lot of fight in him but it just isn’t meant to be for the “Yes Man”. This match will come down to either AJ Styles or Aleister Black. AJ came back from being buried alive at Wrestlemania to claim the remaining spot in the ladder match by winning a gauntlet match. We have not seen him since Wrestlemania and he could be due for a major push. Aleister Black is my favorite wrestler at the moment (along with Reigns) and he will put on a helluva show. He is ruthless and this is the kind of match that sets up perfectly for him. Still, as much as I want him to win it, I have to go with Styles in this one. AJ clawed his way out of the grave for a reason and that is to climb the corporate ladder and snatch the briefcase from five other men. Styles may not need to win it to get a title shot but I feel that he will anyway. Prediction: AJ Styles

There you have it. This should be a fun PPV so enjoy the show.