2023 NBA Draft Betting Predictions-Update for 6/21/23

2023 NBA Draft Betting Predictions-Update for 6/21/23

The NBA season is over, but you can still bet on futures. I’d hold out until free agency and after the draft, when trades will be made. The 2023 NBA Draft goes on June 22 and unlike the NFL, the entire two-round process will end in one day. You can still bet on the first pick, player draft position and other selections in several different sports books. Let’s take a look at some updated lines since last week and some new props.

(from Draft Kings) (bold for a change since last week)

Top Three Picks Exact Order

V.Wembanyama, B.Miller, S. Henderson -450

This is as close to a lock as there is. Amen Thompson is the only player who might jump over Henderson in the third spot. If you want to take a chance on Wembanyama, Miller, Amen Thompson, that is now +2000.

Top Five Picks Exact Order

Wembanyama, B.Miller, S.Henderson, Am. Thompson, J. Walker +300

First Overall pick

Victor Wembanyama -20000 San Antonio Spurs

At 7-5 with skills, this lengthy Frenchman is considered the best prospect since LeBron James. Yes, he needs to add weight and the only other worry here is that very tall players tend wind up with physical issues down the line. But if he gets stronger and last until his early thirties, the Spurs will wind up winning a few titles.

Third Overall pick

Scoot Henderson -500 Portland Trailblazers

Portland has the third pick and apparently, they want point guard Scoot Henderson. Brandon Miller is expected to go second to Charlotte, who does not need another big point guard with LaMelo Ball in the fold. .

Fourth Overall Pick

Amen Thompson -280

Last week, though Cam Whitmore might be the guy and he’s a strong value at +500. But Amen Thompson is just too athletic, too long and has a very good basketball IQ. If he improves his shot, he’ll be a star.

Fifth Overall Pick

Jarace Walker +200 Detroit Pistons

This is where it gets tough because Detroit just drafted Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey. Adding a rebounder like Walker, who is 6-7, but has a 7-3 wingspan, could be a nice fit with 6-10 Jalen Duren. He could be a more athletic Draymond Green, but can also score.

Draft Position (best values)

Anthony Black

Over 8.5 +260

Bilal Coulibaly

Under 11.5 +100

Derek Lively

Under 10.5 +175

Jaime Jaquez Jr.

Over 23.5 +110

Jordan Hawkins

Under 15.5 +105

Kobe Bufkin

Over 12.5 +150

Taylor Hendricks

Over 8.5 +105

Who will be drafted first?

Ausar Thompson vs. Jarace Walker

Jarace Walker -135

Jett Howard vs. Leonard Miller

Leonard Miller +110

Anthony Black vs. Taylor Hendricks

Taylor Hendricks +200

To Be a First Round Pick

James Nnaji -150

Trayce Jackson-Davis +300

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