2023 NBA Mock Draft and Predictions

2023 NBA Mock Draft and Predictions

The NBA Draft is a week away and it’s time to take a look at the first round. The first pick will be 7-4 Frenchman Victor Wembanyama to San Antonio, but after that pick, it becomes a little more unpredictable. He’s -50000 at Fan Duel and -20000 at Draft Kings to go first.

First Round

1)San Antonio Spurs Victor Wembanyama, 7-4, 210, France

The athletic shotblocker is one of the most offensively skilled big man in draft history. He still have to get stronger and there’s going to be the worries of exceptionally tall players who have an injury history. Remember Ralph Sampson? There are some similarities and he was a very good player until knee injuries robbed him of his agility. Let’s hope Wemby will avoid major injuries and change the game.

2)Charlotte Hornets Brandon Miller, 6-9, 200, Alabama

Miller is not a game-changer necessarily, but he is an athletic wing who can get his own shot and also can defend. The Hornets could go with Scoot Henderson here, but they already have LaMelo Ball.

3)Portland Trailblazers Scoot Henderson, 6-2, 195, G-League Elite

Henderson is a dynamic player with a great upside. Portland may end up moving Damian Lillard and/or Anfernee Simons. Or the pick.

4)Houston Rockets Amen Thompson, 6-7, 214, Overtime Elite

Thompson is an incredible athlete who has unlimited potential on both ends of the floor. One problem? It may take him awhile to find a consistent shooting stroke.

5)Detroit Pistons Cam Whitmore, 6-6, 235, Villanova

A freak athlete who has a nice upside as a quality finisher. Needs to improve his shooting.

6)Orlando Magic Taylor Hendricks, 6-8, 214, UCF

Another athletic wing, but Hendricks can really shoot it. He’s also very good iat defending the rim. His problem is ballhandling and creating shots.

7)Indiana Pacers Jarace Walker, 6-8, 240, Houston

Walker is a powerful defender and rebounder with a good feel for the game. His ability to switch defensively shows an upside of a Draymond Green-type of player.

8)Washington Wizards Ausar Thompson, 6-6, 218, Overtime Elite

He’s not the playmaker that his brother Amen is. His upside will be too much to pass up for new GM Will Dawkins and Pres. Michael Winger. They could also look at point guard Anthony Black.

9)Utah Jazz Gradey Dick, 6-8, 205 Utah

Dick is an outstanding shooter with good size for the wing spot. Can be a pretty good three-and-D player

10)Dallas Mavericks Dereck Lively, 7-1, 230, Duke

Lively has a 7-7 wingspan but his offense has a ways to go.

11)Orlando Magic Anthony Black 6-6, 210, Arkansas

This might be a little bit low for the big point guard from the SEC, but he has to fit somewhere with his size and defensive ability. However, his shooting numbers are a concern.

12)Oklahoma City Thunder Bilal Coulibaly, 6-6, 230, France

The 19-year-old small forward is very explosive and a bit raw. Has a 7-3 wingspan and can develop into a 3-and-D wing.

13)Toronto Raptors Cason Wallace, 6-3, 195, Kentucky

With Fred VanVleet possibly gone, this pick would make a ton of sense. Injury concerns could cause him to slip even lower.

14)New Orleans Jordan Hawkins, 6-5, 185, UConn

Hawkins is a dynamic shooter and a perfect floor spacer to help Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson (if he returns).

15)Atlanta Hawks Keyontae George, 6-4, 185, Baylor

George is a really good scorer, who can create his own shot. He doesn’t do a lot of other things well, but could be a really good sixth man. Similar to Jordan Clarkson.

16)Utah Jazz (via Minnesota) Jalen Hood-Schifno, 6-4, 217, Indiana

17)LA Lakers Nick Smith, 6-5, 185, Arkansas

18)Miami Heat Kris Murray, 6-8, 213, Iowa

19)Golden State Kobe Bufkin, 6-4, 187, Michigan

20)Houston Rockets Jett Howard, 6-8, 215 Michigan

21)Brooklyn Nets Olivier-Maxence Prosper, 6-7, 212 Marquette

22)Brooklyn Nets Brice Sensabaugh, 6-6, 235, Ohio State

23)Portland Trailblazers James Nnanji, 7-0, 250, Nigeria

24)Sacramento Kings Leonard Miller, 6-9, 213, G League Ignite

25)Memphis Grizzlies Daqiq Whitehead, 6-6, 217, Duke

26)Indiana Pacers Noah Clowney, 6-10, 210, Alabama

27)Charlotte Hornets Rayan Rupert, 6-6, 192, France

28)Utah Jazz Maxwell Lewis, 6-7, 207, Pepperdine

29)Indiana Pacers Brandin Podziemski, 6-4, 205, Santa Clara

30)LA Clippers Jamie Jaquez, 6-7, 225, UCLA

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