2024 NBA Betting Draft Preview

A 2024 Draft Order/Preview

The NBA Draft is set for Wednesday and Thursday of this week and, with it, another opportunity to make some interesting wagers in regards to draft order, team selections, and other exciting prop bets entering Wednesday night’s draft. Here is a look at the full draft order for the first round and some of the best prospects and draft odds for the event.

  1. Atlanta

  2. Washington

  3. Houston (from Brooklyn)

  4. San Antonio

  5. Detroit

  6. Charlotte

  7. Portland

  8. San Antonio (from Toronto)

  9. Memphis

  10. Utah

  11. Chicago

  12. Oklahoma City (from Houston)

  13. Sacramento

  14. Portland (from Golden State via Boston and Memphis)

  15. Miami

  16. Philadelphia

  17. Los Angeles Lakers

  18. Orlando

  19. Toronto (from Indiana)

  20. Cleveland

  21. New Orleans (from Milwaukee)

  22. Phoenix

  23. Milwaukee (from New Orleans)

  24. New York (from Dallas)

  25. New York

  26. Washington (from LA Clippers via Dallas and Oklahoma City)

  27. Minnesota

  28. Denver

  29. Utah (from Oklahoma City via Toronto and Indiana)

  30. Boston

NBA Draft 1st Pick Odds

Zaccharie Risacher, France (-200) - the 6’9 forward follows in Wembanyama’s footsteps as possibly the top pick in the draft. He makes sense for the Hawks, particularly if they go into full rebuild and move on from Trae Young this offseason. He’ll eventually be a solid wing player who can defend both the perimeter and the interior as he fills out.

Donovan Clingan, UConn (+190) - Clingan will likely be the first US-born player taken in the draft. He’s shown in his workouts that he can knock down open threes and has already proved to be an outstanding floor runner and dominant presence in the paint defensively. He makes sense at #2 for Washington, a team that needs size, unless the Wizards decide that Sarr has more upside.

Alex Sarr, France (+500) - Sarr is the most intriguing player on the board with perhaps the most upside. Over 7ft tall, he can run the floor and has a growing perimeter game that will eventually surpass Clingan’s perimeter game. Clingan is likely more ready to contribute now but Sarr looks like he could be a future All-Star.

Stephon Castle, UConn (+3000) - Castle stepped into a National Championship team and became its best player. At 6’6, Castle is capable of playing both guard positions and already is an above-average defender. In a perfect world, he could turn into a bigger version of the Celtics’ Derrick White, especially if he can knock down the 3-point shot consistently at the NBA level.

Reed Sheppard, Kentucky (+5000) - At 6’2, Sheppard is a bit undersized for a player who is not likely a true point guard. He’ll benefit from playing on a team that allows him more opportunities to spot up with his outstanding range. He would be a good fit in Charlotte alongside Ball.

NBA Draft To Be a Top-Five Pick Odds

Reed Sheppard, Kentucky (-500) - See Above

Donovan Clingan, UConn (-180) - See Above

Stephon Castle, UConn (-150) - See Above

Matas Buzelis, G-League (-150) - Buzelis has the frame of the player of the day at 6’9 but not a traditional power forward. He can play both forward spots and has some ability to shoot from long range. He needs to improve his defense to become a rotational player in the NBA.

Rob Dillingham, Kentucky (+190) - Dillingham’s best pro comp may be another former Kentucky player in Devon Booker. He is an elite perimeter shooter that has also thrived at making tough, contested shots. He’ll have to improve defensively at the next level but he’s only 19.

Nikola Topic, Serbia (+210) - Topic is 6’6 and just 18 years old but comes to the draft still recovering from an ACL injury. If he was healthy, he had #1 pick potential. While he’s not on the level with a Doncic, Topic looks like a 10 year starter in the NBA with high-level offensive numbers.

Ronald Holland, G-League (+240) - Holland is much more of a scorer than he is a shooter. His best attribute, however, is his ability to defend. He’s 6’7 and can provide energy, defense, and rebounding off the bench for any team.

Dalton Knecht, Tennessee (+300) - At 23, he’s the oldest of all these prospects but also the most NBA-ready. He has the kind of offensive game that can come in right now and put up points. San Antonio could be a great fit for Knecht, giving Wembanyama another scorer to play off of.

Which Team Will Draft Bronny James Odds

LA Lakers (-110) - The Lakers make too much sense to be a destination for James. He will get the opportunity to play with his father and the Lakers can nearly assure that LeBron will resign for the opportunity to play with his son. Don’t discount Bronny’s ability to knock down open threes and defend, two things in demand for the Lakers’ backcourt.

Phoenix Suns (+700) - The Suns are in dire need of depth and, while Bronny doesn’t fit the description of a point guard, he can be the perfect tweener guard to play alongside Booker and Durant.

Toronto Raptors (+1000) - The Raptors continue their rebuild and Bronny will have time to develop on the floor with a Raptors team that preaches defense and has players like Barnes who can create for others.

Minnesota Timberwolves (+1000) - The Wolves have great frontcourt depth but their backcourt beyond Anthony needs help. PG Conley is getting long in the tooth and Bronny will slide in nicely off the bench for a team that likes to spread the floor for open perimeter shots.

Dallas Mavericks (+1000) - I’m sure LeBron would endorse the idea of his son playing for a coach like Jason Kidd and the league’s most talented player in Luka Doncic. The arrival of Bronny could free up the Mavericks to trade away Tim Hardaway Jr. for defensive help.

Miami Heat (+2500) - Lebron would have plenty of advice for his son should he take his talents to South Beach. Erick Spoelstra is one of the best coaches in the league and very well qualified to put his son in the best position to succeed.

San Antonio Spurs (+2500) - I can’t imagine that there is a coach in the league that LeBron would endorse to work his son through the rigors of the NBA in his first season more than Coach Pop. Getting to play with a superstar on the rise in Victor Wembanyama.

Boston Celtics (+4000) - Don’t dismiss the champs taking a flier on Bronny at the end of the first round. The Celtics are always looking for spot-up shooters who can defend. Bronny could also be eased into playing time for a team like Boston that has its top eight all set.

*Odds courtesy of DraftKings

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