Betting the 2023 MLB Draft

Betting the 2023 MLB Draft

Betting the MLB Draft can be challenging because teams are not always looking for the best player available. They could be looking for someone that can fill their needs or a player who is signable. In other words, some high school players may want to go to college and possibly sign a NIL deal instead of heading to 4-5 years of minor league baseball with a signing bonus.

The three-day draft starts on Sunday, July 9 and unlike the NBA Draft, the first pick of the MLB draft is down to three players: OF Dylan Crews (LSU), RHP Paul Skenes (LSU) and OF Wyatt Langford (Florida). Pittsburgh has the first pick, followed by Washington and Detroit.

(odds from FanDuel)

Number 1 Pick

Pittsburgh: Paul Skenes, LSU +270

Wyatt Langford is the +140 favorite, because Dylan Crews (+500) apparently wants too much money and Skenes is a pitcher who could literally pitch right away. He’s that good and is a future number one and the future is next season. He also can hit, but is not going to be the next Shohei Ohtani, though he’s about the same size (6-6, 247) and has topped 102mph.

Number 2 pick

Washington: OF Dylan Crews, LSU +200

Washington could get lucky to get Skenes, but they should be able to sign Crews, who is one of the best athletes in the draft. He is a 70-grade hit tool and a 60-grade power and speed. He should get to the majors at some point in 2024.

Exact Number of Pitchers Drafted in First Round (Picks 1-30)

Seven +300

The only question is whether Bryce Eldridge is considered a pitcher or a hitter. The James Madison (Va.) High School first baseman is also a right handed pitcher and is expected to go in the late first round.

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