College Football Betting Recaps for Week 4

The One(s) that got Away

Well, here we are again. Another week in the betting books and another week, and if this isn’t so…keep it to yourself, of imperfect gambling. Last week we had some thrilling college football games, both as contests and for gambling purposes. Let’s take a look at two key matchups from Week 4 and review what went wrong or, in some cases, what went right depending on your point of view. As always, let the griping begin.

Case #1: Oregon @ Washington State Point Spread: Oregon -7

Now this game had it all. A heated college football conference game, a raucous home crowd for the Cougars and a juicy seven-point spread for an undefeated home team had me chomping at the bit. What could possibly go wrong?

At first, there were positives all around if you took the points and went with the Cougars at home. The Cougars jumped out to a quick 7-0 lead and you started adding the generous touchdown to your ledger and already had dollar signs and a smug expression towards the oddsmakers. At 17-6 Washington State with under five minutes to go in the first half, you are starting to feel like perhaps you yourself should be an oddsmaker. What were they thinking?! Ok, ok, Oregon kicked a field goal near halftime, still, up eight with seven points in hand, good start all in all.

The collar started to get a little tight when the Ducks drove down for the first score of the second half: 17-15 lead. Then, the Cougars roared back and scored the game’s next ten points and a 27-15 lead heading into the final frame felt pretty darn secure. I didn’t mark the win in pen, but I sure as heck grabbed my number 2 pencil. When WSU quarterback Cameron Ward threw a 1-yard TD pass with just over six minutes remaining to give them a 34-22 lead, I was looking for my pen. A 12 point lead plus an additional 7, giving me a commanding three score lead with less than half a quarter remaining?? Someone fetch me my feather quill ballpoint!

Oregon scores, under 4 minute left and the score is WSU 34-29. Ok, still have the lead and those precious seven points. Wait, what?? Oregon gets the ball back and punches it in and takes a 37-34 lead with 1:20 to go?! Ok, hard luck loss for the Cougars but I had the seven points so I’ll take the win. Let me just see how much money I…WHAT??!!! A bubble pass gone horribly wrong and a pick six?! 44-34 Oregon!! Lead gone, cushion gone, I frantically search for my quill pen to puncture myself with for celebrating too soon!! A sack at the Washington State 40 yard line seemed to seal the deal as I stared off into space. Wait, they inexplicably called a timeout! The Cougars don’t know this is over. A sixty yard bomb…they’re at the one!! With less than a minute, Washington State plowed in. The cover…the cover…the blessed backdoor cover!!! I frantically searched for my quill pen…my lucky feather quill pen!!

Final Score: Oregon 44 Washington State 41

Case #1: Arkansas @ Texas A&M Point Spread: Texas A&M -2

Ever the glutton for punishment, I involve the Aggies in another one of my wager. Just a week ago, the Aggies plunged a dagger into my betting heart by the good fortune of a shaky kicker and squeaked out a 17-8 win over Miami giving up 6.5 points. Well if you can’t beat em, join em and I plunked my money down on the Aggies to once again take care of Arkansas in their annual tilt with the Razorbacks in the Palace that Jerry Jones built.

Things were not looking good early as the Razorbacks jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead over the Aggies by the end of the second quarter. A touchdown early in the second quarter gave me hope that those hopes looked to be dashed as the Razorbacks marched down field prepared to take another two-score lead. On first and goal from the three yard line, Razorbacks QB KJ Jefferson tried to hurdle his own lineman and instead went straight up in the air and the ball was jarred free. A&M picked it up and the play looked over at their own twenty before Demani Richardson took the ball from his teammate and raced the final 80 yards for the defensive score. The Aggies missed the extra point but momentum had found a new home! Certainly that extra point would be insignificant.

By the end of the third quarter, it was 23-14 Aggies and victory was in the air. With 10:05 left, Arkansas scored to make it 23-21. Plenty of time for one final score, any score would do. Tick tick tick, the clock winds down as I find myself searching the A&M sideline for that idiot kicker. A side note, to be fair, I’m paraphrasing the great Peyton Manning in regards to all kickers. Arkansas is valiantly trying to drive to go for the win. How about a pick-six at least, I hoped and prayed. Alas, I was fit to be tied. Pushed into the reality of a bet falling flat on the number! Idiot kickers!

Final Score: A&M 23 -Arkansas 21

So what exactly did we learn this week? Well, clearly, do not count your chickens or write anything in ink until it has hatched or finished. Never underestimate how quickly scores happen in college football and, for the love of God, never trust an idiot kicker! Check in next week for another sampling of ‘The One(s) that got Away’. Also, be sure to check out my premium bets and packages here for all the inside knowledge in baseball, NFL and college football.

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