College Football Top Ten as of 11-27-2023

The CFB Playoffs are coming into focus and only Championship Week will clean up the final few spots. Here is this week’s new Top Ten:

Top Ten as of 11-27-2023

#10. Oklahoma 10-2 - The Sooners were primed for a playoff spot before a disappointing finish to their time in the Big 12 did them in. Still, they will always have their Red River Rivalry win. Next Up: TBD; Last week’s Rank (Unranked)

#9. Penn State 10-2 - The Nittany Lions are out of the playoff picture but are in line for a New Year’s bowl game. Next Up: TBD; Last week’s Rank (Unranked)

#8. Texas 11-1 (+900) - Texas still has an outside shot at the playoffs with an upset of Washington and Georgia the most likely to help clear a path for the Longhorns. Next Up: vs. OSU (Big 12 Title); Last week’s Rank (8)

#7. Ohio State 11-1 (+5000) - The loss to Michigan likely ended the Buckeyes’ run to the College Football Playoffs. Next Up: TBD; Last week’s Rank (3)

#6. Alabama 11-1 (+900) - Alabama may need some help here to get in the playoffs. Even if they beat Georgia, an Oregon win makes things interesting. ‘Bama will be rooting openly for a Washington win and a Louisville win to increase their chances. Next Up: vs. Georgia (SEC Title); Last week’s Rank (6)

#5. Oregon 11-1 (+500) - Oregon’s road to the playoffs is right in front of them. They play Washington this week and a convincing win could move them into the playoff picture. Next Up: vs. Washington (Pac 12 Title); Last week’s Rank (7)

#4. Florida State 12-0 (+3000) - Can the Seminoles get passed Louisville this week after coming from behind against Florida with a backup QB? Next Up: vs. Louisville (ACC Title); Last week’s Rank (4)

#3. Washington 12-0 (+1600) - The Huskies survived Washington State this week. Can they get passed Oregon yet again? Next Up: vs. Oregon (Pac 12 Title); Last Week’s Rank (5)

#2. Michigan 12-0 (+190) - The Wolverines are now the odds-on favorite to win the National Title after beating Ohio State. Next up: vs. Iowa (Big Ten Title); Last week’s Rank (2)

#1. Georgia 12-0 (+205) - Only Bama stands in the Bulldogs way from another possible perfect season, another SEC Title, and a spot in the playoffs. They could probably still wind up in the playoffs even with a loss. Next Up: vs. Alabama (SEC Title); Last week’s Rank (1)

  • In parenthesis, the odds of winning the National Title.

Upset Watch Championship Week:

Things don’t always go according to plan in college football. Each week we will look at a possible upset against one of our top ten teams. We finished the year 4-0 in upset picks so let’s take a look at some possible Championship Week upsets.

#9 Texas (-13.5) vs #20 Oklahoma State 12:00 PM on Saturday: The Cowboys have been a fickle team this season. One week they upend the Sooners soundly and the next week lose soundly to UCF. Texas has also lacked the dominance they showed earlier in the season. I think the Cowboys can hang around and keep this game interesting.

The One That Got Away Week 1:

Each week we will look at a game from the previous week in which defeat was snatched away from the jaws of victory with a fateful play near the end of the game. We’ve all been there, why not painfully rehash it?

#19 Iowa at Nebraska Over 25.5

This will not be one of my longer reviews because it was really a sucker’s bet all along. I fell for the old adage: It must be too good to be true. And let me tell you, it truly was. All year, Iowa has been legendary for its low-game totals. It peaked, or so I thought, at 32 points. By the way, they still went under the total. So it became a sport to look at the totals for all Hawkeyes’ games this season. So low and behold, the over/under this week was 23.5 points. The sportsbooks had finally flipped their lids, I was sure of it. 23.5 points? Oregon scores that much before they get off the bus! Surely, they were off base here. Yes, Nebraska was nearly Iowa’s equal in producing points, or not producing points. But with a bowl bid on the line and the weather, there were bound to be some critical turnovers to swing this game past the total. Lest you forget, the total of 25.5 represented the lowest total this century.

At the half, the score was 10-7. A whopping 17 points but well within striking distance of the total. When Nebraska tied the game at ten, I was feeling downright giddy. The elusive over was in my grasp. Nebraska would go on to miss a field goal, their second of the game. Iowa had already had a kick blocked. I just need overtime. Surely, they could simply exchange field goals in each possession and we’d cash in. Time was running short. Well, at least these two offenses stink. Iowa is deep in its own end. No way they can…first down…first down…oh good God…first down. Game-winning kick or an overtime shot at redemption? Can’t I have one more miss?? It's up and it is…too good to be true. Final Score: #19 Iowa 13 Nebraska 10 (Over 25.5) - Loss

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