Detroit Tigers Form A Partnership With PointsBet Sportsbook

The Detroit Tigers were the worst team in the league a year ago, so I guess they had to do something to excite their fan base. That something is the fact that they have become the first team in Major League Baseball history to form a partnership with a sportsbook. You heard that right. Per ESPN's David Purdum, the Tigers began a partnership with PointsBet, which is a sportsbook based out of New Jersey.

With sports betting becoming more and more readily legal, it is huge for Major League Baseball and the Detroit Tigers. PointsBet will have signage displayed at Comerica Park and be featured on affiliated content with the Tigers organization, which will include the Detroit Tigers Radio Network. The sportsbook will receive access to MLB's official data feed and the right to use MLB marks and logos within its products.

It is also big for the state of Michigan which became a legal gambling state last December. As of now, 18 states, along with Washington D.C. allow sports betting. There are still 15 states that have legislature on the table to allow sports betting. The league still prohibits players and coaches from betting on baseball.

"I view baseball as arguably the most disruptable sport when it comes to innovation around betting," Johnny Aitken, CEO of PointsBet, told ESPN. "I think there's a huge amount of innovation that can happen around baseball betting."

"Even if you join the broadcast in the seventh inning, and the Tigers are winning 6-0 over the Red Sox, there's still an exciting way to place some action for the remainder of the game,"


Some Info Taken From ESPN & Bleacher Report

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