eSuba vs. ECLOT Preview & Prediction- Free 6/27 CS: GO

The rivals will cross paths at the quarter-final of the Y-Games Pro Series 2022 tournament this Monday. The 2022 Y-Games PRO Series gives us another exciting European CS: GO online tournament. The event features sixteen teams across the region battling for the prize pool of $41,984. Play-In matches are played in a single-elimination format, and all matches are played in the best-of-three series. The winner of this upcoming match will advance to the semi-finals.

eSuba Team Stats and Latest Results

eSuba is ranked #198 in the global ranking. The Czech team is currently on a 1-match win streak and has managed 3 wins from its last 10 games. At the ongoing Y-Games Pro Series 2022 tournament, the team defeated Dark Tigers (2:0) at the Play-In. Their last achievement was 7th place in the ESEA EU CS: GO Main Season 40 - Playoffs tournament which ended on April 10, 2022, and was awarded $400. Over the past 3 months, the team has attained a win rate of 30.0%.

Map win statistics over the past 3 months shows an impressive win rate on Dust2 (100.0%). The team managed an average win rate on Nuke (50.0%), Vertigo (50.0%), and Ancient (50.0%) but failed to impress on Mirage (40.0%), Inferno (0.0%), and Overpass (0.0%). The current line-up has Levi (0.98 player rating), Pechyn (0.97), Blogg1s (1.06), desty (0.78), and zur1s (0.95).

ECLOT Team Stats and Latest Results

Dynamo ECLOT is ranked #198 in the world ranking. The team has managed 6 wins from the last 10 games and managed a win rate of 50.0% over the past 3 months. Considering their performance in past events, they finished 16-18th at the Pinnacle Cup IV, 2nd at the ASUS ROG Masters EMEA 2022, and won the Tipsport Cup 2022. The team is also part of the ongoing ESEA Advanced Season 41 Europe and has defeated UNGENTIUM with a score of 2:0.

Map performance over the past 3 months shows an impressive win rate on Dust2 (100.0%), Mirage (61.5%), Inferno (61.5%), and Overpass (60.0%). On the other hand, the team failed to impress on Vertigo (33.3%) and Ancient (22.2%). Team members include nbqq (1.00 player rating), Valencio (1.03), capseN (1.09), K1-FiDa (0.98), and Dytor (1.03).

eSuba vs. ECLOT H2H Record

Head-to-head has 3 matches. By this time, eSuba has won once while ECLOT has won 2 times. Their last encounter was at the bracket of the 2022 Tipsport Cup Online on June 11, 2022, and ECLOT won with a score of 2:0.

eSuba vs. ECLOT Betting Preview

eSuba has won 1 out of its last 7 games while ECLOT has managed 6 wins from the last 10 games. This shows that ECLOT is currently in good shape to progress to the semi-finals of the Y-Games Pro Series 2022 tournament. A comparison of their performance on the maps shows that eSuba leads on Nuke and Vertigo while ECLOT has an advantage on Dust2, Mirage, Inferno, Overpass, and Ancient. Therefore, we are predicting a win for Dynamo ECLOT.

The Pick: ECLOT to win.

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