Free NBA Props for Friday, April 12

Free NBA Props for Friday

Ben started the week by winning $425 on Monday in baseball and $400 in baseball on Tuesday. Last week, Ben hit for $870 in the NBA on Wednesday and for $180 in baseball last Thursday. Looking for some good value? Check out more free props in the NBA for Friday.

(odds from Draft Kings)

Houston at Portland

X+ Points

Alternate Points

Deandre Ayton 30+ +175

Alternate Points+Rebounds

Jabari Walker 30+ 205

Kris Muray 18+ +110

New Orleans at Golden State

X+ Points

Alternate Points

Jonas Valanciunas 15+ +175

Klay Thompson 25+ +285

Trayce Jackson-Davis 12+ +115

Trey Murphy 20+ +160

CJ McCollum 30+ +200

Alternate Points+Assists

Zion Williamson 35+ +130

Trey Murphy 25+ +235

Alternate Points+Rebounds+Assists

CJ McCollum 40+ +170

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