Gridiron Great Super Bowl Matchup

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will square off in the Super Bowl in Vegas a week from this coming Sunday. Next week, we’ll give a more in-depth look at the game itself and some fun prop bets. This week, here’s a brief rundown of the current odds and a look at the Super Bowl MVP betting odds of interest.

Gridiron Great Super Bowl Matchup

San Francisco (-2) vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl Odds *are subject to change by game time.

Still over a week away from what should be a great Super Bowl matchup, the 49ers come out as an early favorite. While KC has won the Super Bowl two times in the last three seasons, the 49ers are no strangers to big games with one Super Bowl appearance and three NFC title appearances in four years under their belts. The 49ers have been consistently near the top of the Super Bowl odds all season so they come in as a deserving favorite. Can Mahomes pick up his third Super Bowl title and second at the expense of the 49ers to join just a select few quarterbacks in NFL history with over two titles? Or will Brock Purdy continue his miraculous story and go from the last pick in the NFL draft to a Super Bowl champion?

Super Bowl MVP Latest Odds

Patrick Mahomes KC (+125): This will likely be the best odds you have for Mahomes in this game. He’s the clear-cut favorite to win the award with two MVPs already under his belt. He will be the key factor for the Chiefs to win. Forget all the others, if you like the Chiefs, you have to like Mahomes as your MVP.

Brock Purdy SF (+225): The 49ers are a bit different. They don’t typically rely on any one player and any number of players could emerge as MVP should the Niners win. Purdy, as the quarterback, deservedly has the lowest odds for the 49ers. He led the team to their comeback win over the Lions in the NFC Championship game and certainly will be critical to their success here.

Christian McCaffrey SF (+475): To me, McCaffrey has the best odds of anyone on the board. He is a touchdown machine this season, including two in the NFC title game, and if he does it again here in a 49ers’ win, he will vault to the top of the MVP list. The 49ers’ offense is predicated on running the ball and Shanahan rarely takes McCaffrey out. If you like the Niners to win, take these odds for McCaffrey at MVP.

Deebo Samuel SF (+2000): I took a long, hard look at this number and I’m intrigued. Samuel is the most unique player in the NFL in that he impacts the game without putting up gaudy stats. He may be the Niners’ most indispensable player. And, on some occasions, Samuel’s numbers go through the roof. He can run the ball, makes the tough catches over the middle, and can turn a small play into a massive one. Keep an eye on this number, might be worth a small wager in case Samuel has a big night.

*Odds in parenthesis are to win the Super Bowl and current odds for each player to win the game’s MVP. All odds courtesy of

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