Gridiron Great Top 11 (Week 10)

Seven weeks to go and things are nearly the same at the top but the bottom half of our Top 11 is confusing. Here’s a dive into our Gridiron Great 11 heading into week 11.

Gridiron Great Top 11 (Week 10)

#11. Cincinnati Bengals 5-4 (+800/+1500) - To me, this remains the one team that has all the tools to beat KC. They will be tested this week against the Ravens and will need Tee Higgins to return to health to help the offense. Last Week’s Rank: 11th

#10. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3 (+4000/+7500) - I honestly don’t know how this team is doing it. The only real answer is the coaching brilliance of Mike Tomlin. They don’t hurt themselves with penalties and they cause turnovers. Last Week’s Rank: Unranked

#9. Jacksonville Jaguars 6-3 (+1000/+2000) - The Jags had the misfortune of running into an angry SF team this week. They are still a viable threat in the AFC and likely winners of the AFC South. Last Week’s Rank: 7th

#8. Seattle Seahawks 6-3 (+2000/+3500) - The Seahawks outlasted the Commanders at home this week and remain tied with the 49ers atop the division. Last Week’s Rank: 9th

#7. Miami Dolphins 6-3 (+500/+900) - The Dolphins gained during their bye week with the Bills loss to the Broncos. It still is concerning that they’ve lost to the three best teams they’ve played this season. Last Week’s Rank: 7th

#6. Baltimore Ravens 7-3 (+475/+900) - Baltimore looked primed to potentially take over the #1 spot late in the second half of their game with Cleveland. Instead, the Browns rallied back and pulled off a last-second upset to know the Ravens back three spots. Last Week’s Rank: 3rd

#5. Dallas Cowboys 6-3 (+400/+1000) - The Cowboys' loss to Philly on the road two weeks ago actually gave them more credibility. It was a game they could have won and Prescott showed his toughness. Last Week’s Rank: 7th

#4. SF 49ers 6-3 (+240/+500) - The return of LT Eric Williams certainly made a difference in the 49ers offense. This team, if healthy, has more talent than anyone in the NFL. Last Week’s Rank: 8th

#3. Detroit Lions 7-2 (+380/+1000) - Time to give the Lions their due. This is a team that should comfortably win the NFC North and has shown the ability to win against quality teams on the road this season. Last Week’s Rank: 4th

#2. Kansas City Chiefs 7-2 (+210/+500) - The trip to the Super Bowl will go through KC. One or possibly two teams look capable of beating them in the AFC playoffs. Last Week’s Rank: 2nd

#1. Philadelphia Eagles 8-1 (+240/+550) - The Eagles enjoyed a bye week after downing Dallas in round one of their epic two-game season series. Last Week’s Rank: 1st

Upset Alert for Week 11: We are now 9-3 in our upset specials on the season after going 2-0 again in week 9, winning with the Bears (+9.5) against New Orleans while squeaking out a win in TB’s (+3) two-point loss to the Texans.

#1. Cincinnati (+3.5) at Baltimore: The Ravens are not built to chase points and the Bengals have the type of offense to make them chase points. The Bengals will avenge an early-season loss to the Ravens when Burrow was immobile and pull off the win on Thursday night.

#2. NYJ (+6.5) at Buffalo: The Jets have consistently given the Bills fits over the years and they catch them here with the Bills reeling. Buffalo’s offense is a mess and the Jets have the kind of defense to keep this one close. The Jets will need to turn some red zone opportunities into touchdowns to keep this one close.

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