LEC Betting Picks 7/3

LEC Picks 7/3

Hello my friends, we survived the break. If you're a frequent reader, then you know I am not a fan of the LEC's scheduling, but we have an action-packed day ahead nonetheless. It is worth noting that today's slate doesn't have many games that should be totally one-sided, and these are my favorite kind of cards. Anyways, let's hop right in shall we?

*All odds courtesy of Bovada*

Team Vitality (-130) vs. Excel (-105)

The opening contest of the day will be between two of the bottom teams in Team Vitality (3-4) and Excel (2-5). Neither team has been super great so far but Vitality has a win over G2 Esports which was more or less them catching G2 Esports off guard. When you break this one down lane by lane, it's tough to find an advantage for Excel. Jungler Caedrel may hold a very slight edge over Vitality's Nji, but even that is miniscule. Vitality is the better team here, and I expect they will get the job done.

Pick: Team Vitality ML (-130)

MAD Lions (-650) vs. FC Schalke 04 (+380)

I alluded to one contest that will be one-sided, and here it is. MAD Lions leads the standings with a 6-1 record while FC Schalke 04 is instant fade material, coming in 0-7. It's odd that FC Schalke 04 haven't at least broken through for a win or two, but they are in over their heads here. MAD Lions has three players in the top ten in KDA in the LEC (Support Kaiser 2nd, Top Laner Orome 6th and Jungler Shad0w 8th). Lay the kill spread with extreme confidence.

Pick: MAD Lions Spread -9.5 Kills (-105)

Fnatic (-290) vs. SK Gaming (+205)

I believe that this third contest of the day is closer than oddsmakers would have it seem. Fnatic comes in at a disappointing 3-4 while SK Gaming has been spotty but they still carry a 4-3 record. Bot Laner Rekkles for Fnatic has been outstanding and he is one of the best players in the LEC, however, the rest of his team hasn't been playing well against tough competition. Scheduling can be attributed to Fnatic's four-game losing streak after a 3-0 start as they have faced MAD Lions, Origen, Rogue and G2. SK Gaming has losses to Excel and Vitality that scare me, and I look for Fnatic to get back to business with a big win.

Pick: Fnatic Spread -7.5 Kills (-105)

Origen (-130) vs. Rogue (-105)

If one thing can be said about LEC scheduling, it is that they do a good job of sneaking the better matchups in later. This contest will see Rogue (5-2) take on Origen (4-3). As the odds would imply, this match is about as even as it gets. Both of these teams have four players with a KDA of at least 5, and both have wins over good teams along the way. I personally want no part in trying to decide a winner of this contest, instead, I am playing the total. Both of these teams play a more aggressive style, and I expect this to translate into an over.

Pick: Over 21.5 Total Kills (-115)

G2 Esports (-200) vs. Misfits Gaming (+145)

This closing contest of the day between 4-3 teams has the potential to be a sneakily good one. G2 Esports has lost a step since their superior run through the Spring Season. On the other hand, Misfits Gaming has finally found their stride after a slow start. I've mentioned in the past that I am a fan of Misfits Gaming's Bot Lane-Support combo of Kobbe and Doss, but they are in over their heads against Perkz and Mikyx. I look for G2 Esports to wipe the floor with Misfits as both teams return to their old form.

Pick: G2 Esports Spread -6.5 Kills (-105)

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