MLB Starting Nine (Week of April 10th)

The grind is in full swing for Major League Baseball with every team now playing their 3rd series of the season. How many teams will remain in the starting nine this week? Here is this week’s Starting Nine:

Starting Nine (Week of April 10th)

Hope to see you back: Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros; Welcome to the Show: Cleveland Guardians, Kansas City Royals

#9. Milwaukee Brewers 7-3 (+2800/+6500) - The Brewers appeared to be destined to be a team that was rebuilding after dealing away Burnes in the offseason. Predictions of their demise may have been a bit premature. Last Week’s Rank: 6

#8. Texas Rangers 6-5 (+650/+1500) - Help is still on the way in the rotation and the Rangers can always hit. Last Week’s Rank: 7th

#7. Baltimore Orioles 6-4 (+650/+1300) - Corbin Burnes' dominant performance in Boston yesterday could be a sign of how dangerous this team can be with a legitimate ace to lead this rotation. Last Week’s Rank: 5th

#6. KC Royals 7-4 (+4000/+11,000) - The Royals time is coming. They have a solid lineup, they have signed and traded for two pitchers, Seth Lugo this offseason and Cole Ragans last year, who are proving to be legitimate top-3 starters. This team isn’t going away. Last Week’s Rank: Unranked

#5. Cleveland Guardians 8-3 (+1700/+4000) - The Guardians were one of the worst-hitting teams in baseball last season. This year, they have quietly been putting up solid numbers. Can they get enough starting pitching to win the AL Central? Last Week’s Rank: - unranked

#4. Pittsburgh Pirates 9-3 (+4000/+9000) - The Pirates could be here to stay this season if they can get consistent starting pitching to support what is becoming a lethal lineup. Last Week’s Rank: 3

#3. Atlanta Braves 7-3 (+220/+400) - Ronald Acuna Jr., the reigning NL MVP may be underrated, if that is possible. He can take over a game with just a walk or single based on his ability to steal his way into scoring position at any time. Last Week’s Rank: 4

#2. LA Dodgers 10-4 (+170/+310) - Ohtani is starting to show off his power and Mookie Betts has played like an MVP. Ho hum, the Dodgers are very good. Last Week’s Rank: 3

#1. New York Yankees 10-2 (+350/+750) -The Bombers keep rolling and this without Aaron Judge heating up yet and without Garret Cole to lead the rotation. Last Week’s Rank: 1

AL/NL MVP Candidates & AL/NL Cy Young Candidates:

Last week I listed the top candidates for each league in terms of the best odds to start the season in these two major awards. Starting at the end of April, I will kick off a weekly top three for each category in each league.

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