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The NBA season is roughly 1/8th of the way through but it is never too early to put together our first top 10 list of the season. Let’s examine who has jumped out of the gate strong and given their fan base reason to believe that maybe this year, this year could be the year. So, without further ado, here is our first NBA Perfect 10 of 2022-23.

Perfect Ten (Week of November 7th)

#10. Toronto Raptors (+1600, +3500) - The Raptors remain a viable threat in the NBA with a slew of interchangeable wings and the continued development of Pascal Siakam into a Top-15 player. The Raptors are well-coached and have one of the league’s best home-court advantages. Strengths: A/T ratio and three-point shooting. Weaknesses: 3pt defense and scoring offense.

#9. Utah Jazz (+8000/+20,000) - The Jazz sit at 8-3 and continue to defy the odds thus far. They dealt away their two best players and have a brand new coach but they have played fast and hard thus far. F Lauri Markkanen seems to be thriving with additional minutes and an increased role in his move to the Jazz. They likely won’t stay in our top-10 but they have earned their place at this point. Strengths: Depth and scoring. Weaknesses: Turnovers and personal fouls.

#8. Atlanta Hawks (+1600/+4500) - So far, so good for the backcourt pairing of Dejounte Murray with Hawks alpha-male Trae Young. Young has thrived with another ball-handler and facilitator in the backcourt. He is averaging a career-high in points to start the season and over 10 assists per game. The return to help of F John Collins has also been vital in the team’s strong start. Strengths: Shooting and A/T ratio. Weaknesses: Points per game allowed and personal fouls.

#7. Dallas Mavericks (+800/+1600) - The Mavs lost Jalen Brunson in the offseason but have seemingly surrounded superstar Luka Doncic with the perfect complement of shooters to put around the perimeter as he breaks down opposing defenses. This team will only get better as the season progresses. Strengths: Doncic and scoring defense. Weaknesses: Rebounding and turnovers.

#6. Denver Nuggets (+800/+1600) - The Nuggets are still working in the many pieces that have been added to their roster from last season, most notably the returns of injured starters Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. Their spot in the Perfect 10 will continue to rise as those two players continue to shake off the rust of a lost year of playing and mesh with 2-time MVP Nikola Jokic. Strengths: Jokic and scoring. Weaknesses: Defense and rebounding.

#5. Boston Celtics (+270/+600) - The Celtics look like a team that has turned its identity over to the dynamic duo of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. They are both averaging career highs in points thus far and the team is the highest scoring team in the NBA and in the top five in 3pt shooting. The defense has not been as dominant as last year but they should see a bump in defensive efficiency with the return of Robert Williams III after the New Year. Strengths: Scoring and 3pt shooting. Weaknesses: Points allowed and rebounding.

#4. Memphis Grizzlies (+800/+1600) - The Grizzlies became the darlings of the league last season and thrived with their depth and tenacity. This season, some of their depth is gone, particularly with the injury to F Jaren Jackson, but Ja Morant and Desmond Bane are quickly becoming one of the top backcourts in the league. This team should hit its stride when Jackon gets healthy. Strengths: Scoring, rebounding and 3pt shooting. Weaknesses: 3pt defense and A/T ratio.

#3. Cleveland Cavaliers (+800/+1800) - Donovan Mitchell’s addition to this young roster was exactly what the doctor ordered. The young Cavs were in need of an alpha male and Mitchell has filled the bill expertly. They already have two signature wins over defending Eastern Conference champs, Boston. Strengths: Scoring, Defensive field goal % and 3pt shooting. Weaknesses: A/T ratio and field goal percentage.

#2. Phoenix Suns (+500/+900) - The Suns missed out on Kevin Durant in the offseason but there may be time to revisit that if the Nets continue to falter. As for now, the Suns continue to pace the Western Conference after last season’s early exit from the playoffs. The Suns need to keep Chris Paul healthy and will likely be looking for some size when the trade deadline rolls around. Strengths: A/T ratio, shooting and defensive field goal %. Weaknesses: Rebounding and personal fouls.

#1. Milwaukee Bucks (+260/+550) - As of this writing, the Bucks remain undefeated on the season, despite still not having the services of all-star Khris Middleton and key reserve Pat Connaughton. Giannis Antetokounmpo has taken his place again as the best player in the league. The Bucks have built a great roster around their superstar. Strengths: Giannis Antetokounmpo and scoring defense. Weaknesses: Points per game and shooting.

Top-Five MVP Candidates thus far:

  1. Giannis Antetokoumpo (+260) - The Greek Freak is back and better than ever this season. He is the best player on the best team thus far and is averaging over 30 points per game, nearly 13 rebounds and nearly 55% shooting.

  1. Luka Doncic (+320) - Doncic is averaging a career high in points and continues to pace his team in assists and rebounds. By the true letter of the law, he may be the literal most valuable player because, without him, this is a lottery team.

  1. Nikola Jokic (+2200) - This might be a great play for bettors. The two-time defending MVP at great odds. Perhaps he won’t get it because he’s already gotten the award twice in a row but he will certainly have the numbers and the Nuggets will be peaking by the time the season nears a close.

  1. Jayson Tatum (+800) - Tatum has looked unstoppable to start the season and has added a few new tricks to his offensive bag. If the Celtic push towards 55 wins, he’ll be a serious contender.

  1. Donovan Mitchell (+2000) Mitchell is another great possible future bet with his current odds. Mitchell has taken to his role as the Cavs go-to player and he may gain traction in the voter’s eyes if the Cavs reach 50 wins this season.

  • In parenthesis, conference odds and finals odds. Player MVP props are also in parenthesis. All Courtesy of

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