NBA Perfect Ten Playoff Edition

We are halfway through the second round of the NBA playoffs. Two critical game fours tonight while the other two series are knotted up at two games apiece.

Eastern Conference Semifinal Round

#8 Miami vs. #5 New York (Miami leads 2-1): The Heat continue to find ways to win and utilize plug-in players like Caleb Martin, Duncan Robinson, and Gabe Vincent around stars Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. The Knicks' apparent loss of Immanuel Quickley could work for them as they will likely tighten their bench and look for more out of Randle and Brunson. I’m going to stick to my original prediction in this series with the Knicks getting home-court advantage back tonight and stealing the series in seven games.

Original Prediction: Knicks in seven. Modified Prediction: Same

Conference/NBA Title Odds: New York (+1100, +5500)

#3 Philadelphia vs. #2 Boston (Series tied 2-2): Boston had a chance to gain a stranglehold on the series Sunday but faltered down the stretch of both regulation and overtime after appearing to have victory. They have more talent but need to execute on the defensive end. I’m going to modify my prediction slightly

Original Prediction: Boston in six. Modified Prediction: Boston in seven

Conference/NBA Title Odds: Boston (-195, +155)

Western Conference Semifinal Round

#4 Phoenix vs. #1 Denver (Series tied 2-2): One thing that is readily apparent since the deal for Kevin Durant is the Suns’ lack of quality depth. With Paul out, they are now leaning even more heavily on Durant and Booker. The Suns can probably steal another game in Phoenix but their luck will run out in seven games against a more talented overall Nuggets team.

Original Prediction: Nuggets in seven. Modified Prediction: Same

Conference/NBA Title Odds: Denver (+200, +475)

#7 LA Lakers vs. #6 Golden State: The Warriors are going to have to steal a game in LA and game four seems like the spot. The Lakers have manhandled Golden State on the glass and it may be time for Steve Kerr to trust Wiseman more against Davis. Curry’s inevitable explosion is coming and tonight is as good a night as any.

Original Prediction: Warriors in six. Modified Prediction: Warriors in seven.

Conference/NBA Title Odds: Golden State (+425, +475)

Check back next week when we can take a close look at each of the Conference finals and prepare for the NBA Finals.

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