NBA Perfect Ten (Week of January 9th)

The NBA is now less than a month away from the All-Star Break and teams will soon be looking at potential trade pieces to add in order to make a playoff push. Let’s take a deep dive into this week’s Perfect-Ten and the Top Five MVP Candidates.

Perfect Ten (Week of January 9th)

#10. Indiana Pacers (+8000/+25000) - No one would have predicted the Pacers would make any top-10 list. They are loaded with floor spacers and play fast. Strengths: Perimeter shooting and pace of play. Weaknesses: Defense and lack of size. Last Week’s Rank: Unranked

#9. New Orleans Pelicans (+950/+2200) - Just when the Pels start to get healthy, Williamson is out yet again. Will he ever get through a full season? Strengths: Aggressive defense and depth Weaknesses: Williamson’s inability to stay on the floor. Last Week’s Rank: 8

#8. Dallas Mavericks (+1000/+2500) -Luka Doncic is carrying a marginal team to great heights with a super human season. He is the perfect player for this era with his size, passing and shooting range. Strengths: Luka and his ability to elevate teammates. Weaknesses: A secondary scorer that can create his own shot. Last Week’s Rank: 9

#7. Philadelphia 76ers (+900/+2000) - Philly’s title odds rose up this week, no doubt after Embiid sat multiple games with a foot injury. The Sixers should be cautious with him now and keep him ready for a playoff run. Strengths: With Maxey’s return, the Sixers have quality depth on the wing. Weaknesses: We said it last week and we’ll say it again: the Sixers hopes cling to the always shaky health of Embiid. Last Week’s Rank: 8

#6. Cleveland Cavaliers (+900/+2000) - Garland missed a couple of games this week exposing what is a lack of depth in the backcourt for the Cavs. They may be shopping for wings at the trade deadline.Strengths: Two game changers in Mitchell and Garland. Weaknesses: Scoring threat off the bench. Last Week’s Rank: 6

#5. Milwaukee Bucks (+380/+750) - The Bucks offer an interesting future bet right now. Their odds have never been higher as fears of Middleton’s health raise concerns. If you are confident that Middleton can return, this is a good number to jump on. Strengths: Giannis Antetokounmpo’s continued dominance. Weaknesses: Lack of firepower beyond Giannis the fragility of #2 star Middleton. Last Week’s Rank: 5

#4. Memphis Grizzlies (+475/+1000) - The Grizzlies welcomed back Bane recently and gives additional scoring and one of the best backcourts in the league. Strengths: Floor spacing and Morant’s ability to close games. Weaknesses: Ability to defend quality wing players. Last Week’s Rank: 4

#3. Denver Nuggets (+425/+900) - The Nuggets have been the most consistent team in the Western Conference and they haven’t hit their stride yet. Strengths: Ability to defend wings with multiple players and floor spacing. Weaknesses: Rebounding and closing out games. Last Week’s Rank: 3

#2. Brooklyn Nets (+280, +550) - The bookmakers are taking Brooklyn seriously as their odds drop yet again. 14 wins in 15 games will do that. Strengths: Kevin Durant’s comfort level with team and offense. Weaknesses: Age and health. Last Week’s Rank: 2

#1. Boston Celtics (+180/+360) - The Celtics' defense is starting to round into form as Rob Williams gets more and more comfortable. Showdown with Brooklyn on Friday. Strengths: Ball movement, Williams presence at the rim. Weaknesses: Reliance on 3-point shooting, consistency of offense. Last Week’s Rank: 1

Top-Five MVP Candidates thus far:

  1. Luka Doncic (+275) - Doncic’s play hasn’t dropped but the fate of the Mavs seems to be tied into his odds. They are hot again so watch his MVP odds lower. Last Week’s Rank: 1

  1. Nikola Jokic (+350) - The Nuggets are playing well and the Joker keeps putting up eye-popping numbers, perhaps hidden by Doncic’s exploits. Last Week’s Rank: 2

  1. Jayson Tatum (+400) - Tatum’s odds have risen for the third straight week. This might be a good time to buy in. The Celtics remain in the top spot and Tatum’s numbers are all career-highs. Tatum is 7-1 against MVP candidates this season. Last Week’s Rank: 3

  1. Giannis Antetokoumpo (+370) - His odds lowered back down and he’s favored over Tatum at this point. I have more confidence that Tatum and the Celtic will finish ahead of the Bucks which will hurt Giannis’ MVP campaign. Last Week’s Rank: 4

  1. Kevin Durant (+750) - Durant bumps Embiid out of the top-five as the Nets heat up and he leads the charge. He may be a good candidate to consider with these odds. Last week’s Rank: Unranked

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