NBA Perfect Ten (Week of November 14th)

Another week in the books in the NBA. Once again, the league is at the forefront of the sports pages and the gossip columns. Teams are also trying to distance themselves from the pack while other teams are just trying to get healthy. So, without further ado, here is our second NBA Perfect 10 of 2022-23.

Perfect Ten (Week of November 14th)

#10. Brooklyn Nets (+500, +1000) - A funny thing happened on the way to Kyrie Irving’s suspension that was supposed to unravel this team’s playoff hopes: the Nets grew as a team. The Nets are now 4-2 in games missed by Irving and actually look like a team willing to run the sets their coach wants. Strengths: Vote of confidence in Jacque Vaughn by naming him full-time head coach. Actually running plays without Irving. Weaknesses: Depth and shooting. Last Week’s Rank: (Unranked)

#9. Atlanta Hawks (+1800/+4000) - The pairing of Murray with Young has worked wonderfully thus far and may be even more important in the spring. Young has to carry less of the load and may be fresher come the playoffs. Strengths: Guards and 3pt defense Weaknesses: Inside scoring. Last Week’s Rank: 8

#8. Memphis Grizzlies (+1600/+4500) - It will be interesting to see what this team looks like when they get Jaren Jackson back from injury and have a legitimate third scorer to go with Morant and Bane. Even without him, they are dynamic on offense and can beat any team on any given night. Strengths: Shooting and A/T ratio. Weaknesses: Points per game allowed and size. Last Week’s Rank: 4

#7. Dallas Mavericks (+800/+1800) - Dallas will take nights off and lose games they shouldn’t, as evidenced by back-to-back losses to Orlando and Washington last week. But this is a team built to play around Doncic and could be very dangerous come playoff time. Strengths: Doncic and scoring defense. Weaknesses: Rebounding and turnovers. Last Week’s Rank: 7

#6. Portland Trail Blazers (+1800/+4500) - Hey, even we were guilty of overlooking the Blazers, keeping them out of our ratings last week. Suddenly, Dame Lillard looks like a genius for committing to this young, versatile team on the rise. The Blazers even are winning games without him. Strengths: Guard play and scoring defense. Weaknesses: Rebounding and turnovers. Last Week’s Rank: Unranked

#5. Utah Jazz (+5000/+10,000) - Everyone keeps waiting for the Jazz bubble to burst but they keep finding ways to win. They have a solid bench and a reliable rotation and mix of veterans and youth. They aren’t likely a championship contender but they sure look like a playoff team. Strengths: Depth and 3pt shooting. Weaknesses: Size and clear go-to scorer. Last Week’s Rank: 9

#4. Phoenix Suns (+500/+950) - The Suns were dealt a low last week in losing starting power forward Cameron Johnson to a meniscus injury. His absence weakens the Suns for the short term and hinders their depth. Still, the story for the Suns this season is all about the playoffs, no more 65-win seasons. Strengths: Scoring, rebounding and 3pt shooting. Weaknesses: Injury-depleted depth and A/T ratio. Last Week’s Rank: 2

#3. Denver Nuggets (+750/+1600) - The Nuggets handled their first extended road trip well and now are tied for the best record in the West. As Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. keep returning to form, the Nuggets get stronger. Strengths: Depth, Defensive field goal % and 3pt shooting. Weaknesses: A/T ratio and field goal percentage. Last Week’s Rank: 6

#2. Boston Celtics (+265/+600) - The Celtics seem to have gotten their swagger back with a six-game winning streak. Jayson Tatum is still playing like an MVP and, don’t look now, the C’s defensive intensity is returning. Strengths: Perimeter shooting, bench play. Weaknesses: Rebounding and personal fouls. Last Week’s Rank: 5

#1. Milwaukee Bucks (+265/+550) - The Bucks lost their first two games of the season last week but are still the class of the league to date. The injury bug is the only thing slowing down this team at this point. Strengths: Giannis Antetokounmpo and scoring defense. Weaknesses: Injuries. Last Week’s Rank: 1

Top-Five MVP Candidates thus far:

  1. Giannis Antetokoumpo (+270) - The Greek Freak is back and better than ever this season. He is the best player on the best team thus far and is averaging over 30 points per game, nearly 13 rebounds and nearly 55% shooting. While he’s been banged up this week, he’s still the front-runner for this award. Last Week’s Rank: 1

  1. Luka Doncic (+270) - Doncic’s odds dropped this week so keep an eye on this number. He’s on pace to have a historic offensive season, which could put him at the top of the heap. Last Week’s Rank: 2

  1. Nikola Jokic (+2500) - The two-time defending MVP now has the team with the best record in the West playing alongside him. He will always be in the running for his skills but now has potentially an NBA championship-level team supporting his cause. Last Week’s Rank: 3

  1. Jayson Tatum (+475) - Tatum keeps scoring and the Celtics keep winning. He looks like a player that wants to take his game into the conversation of best player in the league. Last Week’s Rank: 4

  1. Steph Curry (+1000) The Warriors aren’t winning much yet but they’ll improve. If they push towards 50-wins, Curry will move up these rankings as a veteran sentimental favorite to recapture this award. It doesn’t hurt that he’s putting up career-high numbers offensively thus far. Last week’s Rank: Unranked

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