NBA Prop Bets and Picks for Tuesday, Oct. 23

NBA Prop Bets and Picks

Ben profited over $400 last Thursday in his NFL game. Ben hit many big scores in the NBA last season in prop bets. He goes for value and will take some chances on some nice scores. Let’s take a look at some free props in the NBA on Tuesday.

(odds from Draft Kings)

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LA Lakers at Denver


Gabe Vincent Over 6.5 +100

X+ Points

Austin Reaves Alt. Points

18+ +205

Gabe Vincent Alt. Points

10+ +295

Nikola Jokic Alt Points

30+ +185


Anthony Davis Over 12.5 +105

Austin Reaves Over 3.5 +110

Christian Braun Under 2.5 +110

Nikola Jokic Over 12.5 -105


Michael Porter Jr. Over 1.5 +140

Nikola Jokic Over 9.5 +105

Austin Reaves Over 4.5 +105

Phoenix at Golden State


Chris Paul Over 1.5 +120

Devin Booker Over 2.5 +150

X+ Points

Dario Saric Alt Points

8+ +145

Devin Booker Alt Points

30+ +115

Grayson Allen Alt Points

12+ +170


Andrew Wiggins Over 5.5 +115

X+ Rebounds

Andrew Wiggins Alt Rebounds

8+ +425

Devin Booker Alt Rebounds

8+ +700

Kevin Durant Alt. Rebounds

10+ +320

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