NBA Prop Bets for Wednesday

NBA Prop Bets for Wednesday

It’s time to turn things up after a slow period. Two weeks ago, Ben profited $290 on Wednesday in NBA Props. Three weeks ago, Ben profited over $400 in his NFL game. Ben hit many big scores in the NBA last season in prop bets and has done great in the NFL. He goes for value and will take some chances on some nice scores. Let’s take a look at some free props in the NBA on Wednesday.

(odds from Draft Kings)

First Field Goal

Tyler Herro +600

X+ Points

Alternate Points

Desmond Bane 30+ +195

Jaren Jackson Jr. 25+ +135

Tyler Herro 25+ +100

X+ Threes

Alternate 3-pointers made

Tyler Herro 5+ +190


Jaren Jackson Jr.

Yes +180

Zaire Williams

Yes +2500

Golden State at Denver:

First Field Goal

Steph Curry +700


Aaron Gordon Double-Double

Yes +300

Michael Porter Jr. Double-Double

Yes +340

X+ Threes

Michael Porter Jr. 5+ +285

Stephen Curry 6+ +125

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