Nemiga vs. Sprout Preview & Prediction - Free CS:GO Betting Picks 7/4

Nemiga and Sprout will face each other in the upper bracket final of the Hellcase Cup #8. The online CS:GO tournament has nineteen teams competing for a $10,000 prize pool. In addition to the prize money, teams also receive a part of the funding from the community crowdfunding. The tournament has four double-elimination (GSL) groups with four teams in each group. The playoffs have a double-elimination bracket and best-of-three matches.

Nemiga Preview

The 24th ranked Nemiga has reached its peak rank after several weeks of impressive results and wins. However, as the team faces stronger opponents and better players, their firepower is not enough to secure the win. Nemiga is undefeated in the Hellcase Cup #8 with all but one wins being impressive 2-0 scores. The team has won its matches against Team Secret, SKADE and SINNERS Esports in the group stage. The playoffs saw Nemiga defeat HAVU and forZe.

Mirage, Inferno and Nuke are the best maps for the team as the players are able to use their synergy to maximum impact. Nemiga’s players have been together on the roster for a long time and have a very good understanding of each other’s playstyle and movement across the map. It is this understanding that allows individual players like lollipop21k to shine and top the scoreboard. Lollipop21k has a 1.20 rating and 83.7 damage per round. His contributions to the team’s scoreboard is mainly based on support from his teammates.

Sprout Preview

The 38th ranked Sprout has a mix of Polish and German players. It includes veterans like Dycha and Snatchie on one hand and Spiidi and denis on the other. The combination of talent and skill on this roster allows Sprout to consistently put up impressive results against teams that are often better-ranked than Sprout.

In contrast to Nemiga’s map pool, Sprout is focused on Dust 2 and Train. The long-sightlines on these maps allow Sprout’s players the advantage of playing with long-range rifles and AWPs. They are able to use these weapons to maximum impact and create an advantageous situation for the team.

Pick: Sprout ML (-170 @ Bovada)

Sprout is on a five-match winning streak and has taken down opponents like Nordavind, FATE and Nemiga. In fact, Sprout has defeated Nemiga twice in their last few weeks, highlighting the team’s momentum and dominance. I am taking Sprout to win this match.

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