NFL Owners To Vote On Major Rule Change

Published: 6:40am, May 22, 2020 EDT | Updated: 6:50am, May 22, 2020 EDT

Written by Winning Willie

The Philadelphia Eagles have proposed a new rule change pertaining to onside kickoffs. Instead of the traditional onside kick, the new way would be one "fourth and 15" type of play where the team gets to keep possession of the ball if they are able to get the 15 yards. The proposal would need 24 of the 32 owners to vote yes in order to become a new rule.

One main drawing point to this rule change that raises interest is the fact that the success of onside kicks continue to fall, especially after the 2018 rule change in which players couldn't have a running start to recover an onside kick.

Although on paper this rule change may draw interest, it is extremely hard for me to see the NFL owners passing this proposal. The change could bring a whole new excitement to the game, but it would also change the entire landscape of a traditional game.

Teams would be much more inclined to attempt this "onside kick" as opposed to the traditional one. In fact, I would not be overly surprised if many teams looked to attempt it every time they could. I may be more of an old school type of person, but I simply don't believe that this rule change would be for the better of the league and have a hard time beleive that NFL owners will elect to amend this rule.