North vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP) Preview & Prediction - Free CS:GO Betting Picks 7/2

North and Ninjas in Pyjamas face each other in the 7th place match at the cs_summit 6 Online: Europe. The cs_summit 6 Online: Europe is the second Regional Major Ranking event with the top European teams in attendance. The event rewards the top teams with RMR points that contribute to the team’s chances of receiving an invitation to the ESL One Rio Major in November.

North Preview

The Danish squad of North was second in its group, just behind Team Vitality. North won its group stage match against Movistar Riders, but could not secure the victory over Team Vitality. Recently, North had to face a roster change as Kjaerbye took a medical break from the game. The player was instrumental to the team’s success and his departure from the team derailed the team’s efforts and preparation. North added kristou on loan. So far, the player has proven his worth on the Danish squad.

North couldn’t put up a fight against local rivals, Heroic in the playoffs. Heroic won the series 2-0 after stellar performances by CadiaN and niko. North’s map pool includes Overpass and Vertigo as the strongest maps. The team does feel comfortable on the rest of the maps, but the team lacks the win-rate on these maps.

Ninjas in Pyjamas Preview

The Ninjas in Pyjamas are ranked 13th in the world and the Swedish team has shown significant improvements in its performance in the past few months. NiP has a relatively young roster after it parted ways with the old guard. The only member from the old guard is THREAT, who is the team’s coach. THREAT has a hands-on approach to the game.

Under THREAT’s coaching, NiP has improved its map pool and is now one of the best teams on Vertigo in the top fifteen ranks. NiP’s precision smokes and timing gives them an advantage over any opponent. However, NiP is equally good on maps like Train and Overpass. The strategic component of their playstyle on these maps highlights THREAT’s contribution to the team.

With a 1.11 rating, Nawwk has been a significant influence on the team’s performance. Along with Nawwk, Twist is also one of the X-factors on the team, consistently topping the scoreboard against better opponents.

Pick: Ninjas in Pyjamas Spread -1.5 Maps (+102 @ Pinnacle)

I am taking Ninjas in Pyjamas to win this match. The team has a better map pool and has the momentum coming into this match.

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