Top 10 Bowl Games Picks and Ratings from our Staff

It’s time for the exciting time of year in college football as bowl season is upon us once again. Now, every handicapper out there has their own takes on which games are the best or which teams are virtual locks when it comes to a matchup against their opponent once the bowl games are announced. We here at Winners and Whiners are no different so we’re going to give you not one, not two, not three, but four different takes on what we, the senior handicappers at Winners and Whiners, think of the top bowl games.

Without further ado, Ben Hayes, David Hess, Chris King, and Scott Steehn give you our take on what we deem the top 10 bowl games. The games are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with one being our least confident pick and 10 being our most confident selection. You can always get more information from each of our senior handicappers at on a daily basis. For more picks, check out Ben, David and Scott’s premium picks at and catch Chris King on Just Parlays at 1:30 pm ET on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter or wherever you stream videos.

Top 10 Bowl Games According to the Senior Handicappers at Winners and Whiners

1) Cotton Bowl - Cincinnati vs. Alabama
Ben Hayes: Alabama -13.5; Rating 3
David Hess: Cincinnati +13.5; Rating 2
Chris King: Alabama -13.5; Rating 3
Scott Steehn: Alabama -13.5; Rating: 5

2) Orange Bowl - Georgia vs. Michigan
Ben Hayes: Michigan +7.5; Rating 8
David Hess: Michigan +7.5; Rating 9
Chris King: Georgia -7.5; Rating 6
Scott Steehn: Michigan +7.5; Rating 10

3) Fiesta Bowl - Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma State
Ben Hayes: Notre Dame -2; Rating 2
David Hess: Notre Dame -2; Rating 1
Chris King: Notre Dame -2; Rating 2
Scott Steehn: Notre Dame -2; Rating 7

4) Rose Bowl - Utah vs. Ohio State
Ben Hayes: Ohio State -6.5; Rating: 10
David Hess: Ohio State -6.5; Rating: 8
Chris King: Ohio State -6.5; Rating: 10
Scott Steehn: Utah +6.5; Rating: 4

5) Sugar Bowl - Baylor vs. Ole Miss
Ben Hayes: Baylor +1; Rating: 7
David Hess: Ole Miss -1; Rating: 4
Chris King: Baylor +1; Rating: 9
Scott Steehn: Ole Miss +1; Rating: 9

6) Outback Bowl - Arkansas vs. Penn State
Ben Hayes: Arkansas +2; Rating: 6
David Hess: Penn State -2; Rating: 7
Chris King: Penn State -2; Rating: 8
Scott Steehn: Arkansas +2; Rating: 2

7) Citrus Bowl - Kentucky vs. Iowa
Ben Hayes: Iowa +2.5. Rating:4
David Hess: Kentucky -2.5.Rating: 5
Chris King: Kentucky -2.5; Rating: 7
Scott Steehn: Kentucky -2.5; Rating: 3

8) Gator Bowl - Texas A&M vs. Wake Forest
Ben Hayes: Texas A&M -6.5; Rating: 9
David Hess: Texas A&M -6.5; Rating: 6
Chris King: Texas A&M -6.5; Rating: 5
Scott Steehn: Texas A&M -6.5; Rating 8

9) Peach Bowl - Pittsburgh vs. Michigan State
Ben Hayes: Pittsburgh -3; Rating: 1
David Hess: Pittsburgh -3; Rating: 10
Chris King: Pittsburgh -3; Rating: 1
Scott Steehn: Pittsburgh -3; Rating 6

10) Las Vegas Bowl - Arizona State vs. Wisconsin
Ben Hayes: Arizona State +7; Rating: 5
David Hess: Arizona State +7; Rating: 3
Chris King: Wisconsin -7; Rating: 4
Scott Steehn: Wisconsin -7; Rating: 1

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