WWE Clash Of Champions Preview & Predictions

It has been four weeks since the last WWE pay-per-view, which was called Payback. Now it is on to Clash Of Champions which is the one night that every title in the WWE must be defended and we have some huge matches tonight. We will see cousin against cousin as Jet Uso will take on Roman Reigns. Drew McIntyre will defend against Randy Orton in an Ambulance Match. Jeff Hardy. AJ Styles and Sami Zayne will go at it in a triple threat ladder match for the Intercontinental Title. Bayley will defend against Nikki Cross for the Smackdown Woman’s title. Those are just a few of the nine matches on tonight’s card and I have previews along with predictions for every match. Let’s get to all the action.

Raw Women's Championship - Asuka (-1500) vs Zelina Vega (+575)

I do not go to the sites where there are spoilers. I don’t believe in them as I want to be surprised by the outcomes. I will not be surprised here as this one will be all Asuka. Just the fact that this title match in n the kick-off show is a clear indication that there will be no title that changes hands in this one. This match came out of nowhere as Vega said she was done with Andrade and Angel Garza. In the same evening, she came out and slapped Asuka in the face while stating that she was coming for her title. All she had to do was beat Mickie James to earn her shot and she did just that. Not much history between these two but it is nice to see WWE use Vega in more matches. She is not ready for the Asuka those as the Empress of Tomorrow retains her Raw Women’s title. Prediction: Asuka -1500

Bobby Lashley (-950) vs. Apollo Crews (+500) – United States Championship Match

Bobby Lashley took the title from Apollo Crews at Payback and now the pair will hookup here at Clash Of Champions. Lashley is a part of the Hurt Business which has grown by one member recently as Cedric Alexander turned his back on Ricochet and Crews to join the team. Crews did beat Alexander this past week on Raw, so I would not be surprised to see Cedric get involved here as a form of revenge. He would cost Lashley the match, but it would also ensure that Lashley retains the title. I called for Lashley to win at Payback and I will call for him to win retain his title here. He is too powerful and has a huge advantage with the rest of the Hurt Business on the outside. I will look for Bobby to retain his belt but I will look for Crews to win by a DQ. Prediction: Apollo Crews (+500).

The Street Profits (+100) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza (-140) – Raw Tag Team Championship Match

This should be an interesting match, Zelina Vega had been the business manager of Andrade and Garza but she recently told them that she is done and then worked herself into a title shot with Asuka. Will he absence actually help the pair? We shall see. Garza and Andrade have had issues between them as they just don’t always seem like they are on the same page. That is not an issue with the Steet Profits, who have been the longest-reigning Raw Tag Team Champions since they won the belts back on March 2nd on Raw. They have not had a ton of title defenses as they spent a lot of the summer having contests against the Viking Raiders. Recently, they have had a feud with Andrade and Garza and there was even a time when it looked as if Vega poisoned Ford before a match. She should not be a factor in this one and I feel that will help Andrade and Garza focus on this Match. Then when Vega looks to come back to the team, they will say no as they won the belts without her. That’s just my take. LOL Prediction: Garza & Andrade (-140)

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro (400) vs. Lucha House Party (+250)

Let’s go right to the other Tag Title Match as the Lucha House Party looks to shock Nakamura and Cesaro. The Lucha House Party is all about having fun but these guys can still wrestle and their high-flying moves make them very entertaining to watch. They will need to use those moves and their speed if they hope to take down the power duo of Nakamura andCesaro in this one. Lucha House Party has had some friction with the recent return of Kalisto but here they are with a shot at the title. It is unclear which two will get the nod in this one but I have a feeling it could be Gran Metalik and Kalisto, who already beat the champs, thanks to an assist from the Street Profits. Can the Lucha House party stay on the same page enough to pull off a huge upset? As much as I would like to see it happen, we will not see the belts change hands here. Cesaro and Nakamura are just too powerful. Prediction: Cesaro & Nakamura (-400)

Jeff Hardy (-125) vs. AJ Styles (+300) vs. Sami Zayn (+150) – Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Winner Take All Ladder Match

This has been a battle between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy but Sami Zayn has been added to the mix now that he has made his return. Zayn took some time off due to Covid-19 concerns and when he left he was stripped of the title. Now that Zayn is back, he feels that he is still the rightful owner of the IC Title. The problem is that Jeff Hardy currently holds the title after he took it from AJ Styles a few weeks ago. On the night that Hardy won the belt, he was injured by styles earlier in the evening. He was able to compete but with a brace on his knee and that brace eventually came into play and aided Hardy in the win. So AJ feels that he was robbed of his title and Zayn feels the same way which will make for an explosive and fin ladder match here. A few months ago, Hardy came out and asked the fans to stand behind him for one final run and I do not see that run coming to an end here. This is the kind of match that he made famous, which gives him a huge edge. Look for the high-flying Hardy to retain his belt. Prediction: Jeff Hardy (-125)

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (-300) vs. The Riott Squad (+200)

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are two of the unlikeliest tag teams that you will ever see in the WWE. Still, they could be one of the most dominant teams that you will ever see. Jax and Baszler won the belts from Sasha Banks and Bayley a little while back and it looks like they have grown into a solid team. They appear to be on the same page but still, both women have their sights set on Asuka’s title and that will probably cause some friction. Will this be the time that the pair explodes? We shall see. The Riot Squad burst onto the scene a couple of years ago but they broke up and went through their singles careers. The team is also missing Sarah Logan, who is no longer with WWE. Ruby Riot missed some action due to injury and when she came back she attacked Live Morgan. The pair went through their little spat before eventually patching things up and now they have a shot at the titles. I like both teams, but I have to think that the Riott Squad will be on the same page a bit more than Baszler and Jax. That would suit me just fine as I am looking forward to a possible Baszler vs Asuka rivalry to be formed and without the Tag Belts, Shayna will be able to focus on that. Prediction: Riott Squad (+200)

SmackDown Women’s Championship - Bayley (-700) vs. Nikki Cross (+400)

It’s finally over. For months, we have been waiting for the Bayley/ Shasha Banks friendship to implode and it did in a big way. Following a loss to Baszler and Jax, Bayley unleashed a vicious attack on her former teammate as she was frustrated with the loss. Bayley then stated that she has been using Sasha all along just to hold on to her title. We will see if Bayley can hold on to her title now that Banks is no longer in her corner. We could see banks make an appearance but it will not be to help her former friend. Nikki Cross won a fatal 4-way match to get this shot at the title. She beat Alexa Bliss, Naomi, and Lacey Evans to get this shot and it is her 2nd shot at Bayley for the title. The first one didn’t end well as Sasha pulled some interference but as I said, Sahsa is not here for this one. Still, Bayley will not lose the belt here as I can see her eventually having to face Banks for the title. That will be a heck of a match. This one will as well but it just will not be Nikki’s night. Prediction: Bayley (-700)

WWE Championship - Drew McIntyre (+100) vs. Randy Orton (-140) (Ambulance Match)

I always like these non-traditional matches and this one should be an all-out war. The only way to beat your opponent is to put them in the ambulance and close the doors. Back at Summer Slam, I expected McIntyre to lose the belt to the Viper but that just didn’t happen. Orton and McIntyre have been attacking each other in non-matches and that has just heightened the excitement for this match. On one recent Raw event, Orton kicked Drew in the head three times and one of them kicks gave him a hairline fracture of the jaw. That hasn’t stopped the Scottish Psychopath from unleashing his own fury on Orton of late. These are two guys that do not like each other at all and that should make for a very entertaining match. Orton is eyeing his 14th WWE World Title and I feel that he will get it here. Drew is a formidable foe and he is pissed off but Orton is one of the most dangerous wrestlers around and in an anything-goes-match, he gets the edge here. Had Orton not been able to compete here, then we could have seen Keith Lee in the match, but Orton showed up Monday night and made it known that he is ready. Prediction: Randy Orton -140

Universal Championship - Roman Reigns (-3500) vs. Jey Uso (+900)

This is cousin vs cousin, blood vs blood and it should be a great match. It is not often that you see Jey Uso in a singles match and it is even stranger seeing him in one for a title. Jey is normally teaming up with his brother Jimmy to form one of the greatest tag teams in the history of the WWE. Well, Jimmy is out and Jey is doing the solo thing. Jey beat Matt Riddle, King Corbin, and Sheamus in a fatal 4-way match to gain this opportunity which I’m sure no one saw coming. Roman Reigns had taken some time off due to Covid-19 concerns but he returned at Summer Slam after the Fiend beat Braun Stroman for the title. Reigns then teamed up with Paul Heyman (I do not like that guy. LOL) and he was inserted into a triple threat match against Stroman and the Fiend at Payback a week after Summer Slam. Roman then came out near the end of that match and took the title. This past week on Smackdown, Reigns, and Jey had a face-to-face to air out some dirty laundry and after Reigns told his cousin that he could not handle being the champ, Jey say “Why Not Me?”. Reigns then came back out and gave Jey a Superman punch to the jaw and that is how the show ended. Can Jey pull a huge upset and be the face of the family? I don’t think so. I do feel they Jey will put up a hell of a fight but he is just not in the same class as his cousin at the moment. Prediction: Roman Reigns (-3500)