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Missouri Sports Betting News, Updates, And Promo Codes

Missouri sports betting has been considered for several legislative sessions in a row. However, the tide has turned in 2024.

A ballot initiative proposed by a coalition named Winning for Missouri Education garnered 340,000 signatures and will face Missouri voters in November. If the measure is approved, Missouri sports betting would finally get the green light to go live.

Curious about what’s happening in the Show-Me State? We’ve got everything you need to know below.

Sports Betting in MO: Quick Facts

The country’s best sports betting bonuses could be coming to Missouri as soon as early-2025 if the ballot measure passes on Election Day. For now, though, the law of the land is outlined below:

  • Legal age for betting: N/A
  • Online sports betting: Not available in the state
  • Missouri sportsbook promo codes: None
  • Retail sportsbooks: None
  • Remote registration: None
  • Last updated: June 13, 2024

Missouri Sports Betting Timeline

Sports betting in Missouri has been a hot topic in the state’s legislative chambers. In 2022 and 2023, several bills passed multiple steps in the process and were fairly close to becoming law.

However, they ran into a roadblock in the form of Missouri Sen. Denny Hoskins. Sen. Hoskins, while in favor of Missouri sports betting, has taken a hardline stance that also involves the legalization of video lottery terminals (VLTs) in the state. This is in stark contrast to most of his colleagues, who view sports betting and VLTs as separate issues.

Most recently, 2023 saw four pieces of legislation advance. One of them, Senate Bill 92, was a tax credit bill initially authored by Hoskins and revised by Rep. Dan Houx to include the legalization of Missouri sportsbooks (both retail and online). Hoskins, aided by a filibuster from Sen. Bill Eigel, blocked his own bill, and the impasse continued.

2024 Sees Significant Movement

Winning for Missouri Education spent months gathering signatures for its petition and ultimately turned in nearly double the amount required for an initiative to make the ballot. Unsurprisingly, Hoskins was critical of the measure. He stated the initiative’s 10% tax rate was too low, and that the legislative route remained the right one to take (despite the long track record of bills failing in his chamber).

It’s worth noting that Hoskins is term-limited and will vacate his post prior to the 2025 legislative session. Should Missouri sports betting be voted down in November, lawmakers will almost certainly consider the issue again a few months later, this time without the presence of a major opponent.

Sportsbook Apps Potentially Launching in MO

We don’t know for sure which sportsbooks will launch whenever sports betting in Missouri goes live. However, based on prior launches in other states, we have a general idea, and we can assume the best online sportsbooks will be part of the Missouri sports betting scene:

We’ll know more about Missouri sportsbook promos once legalization occurs and the industry framework is set up. Check back often for everything you’ll need to know about Missouri sports betting promos.

Missouri Sportsbook Promos at Launch

With the array of online sportsbooks will come a variety of Missouri sports betting promo codes to use. We recommend shopping around to find the MO sportsbook bonuses that are right for you.

Each promo code will be different, and you may see several different kinds of bonuses. Some of the offers you’ll likely see when sports betting in Missouri becomes a reality are below:

  • Bonus bets: Operators will often offer bonus bets after an account-holder meets a certain betting minimum. These minimums are often low and provide incentives to get involved at a low cost. These bonus bets themselves usually cannot be cashed out (although the winnings from them can be).
  • Deposit bonuses: Deposit a certain amount, and some sportsbooks will add in extra money.
  • Reload bonuses: If you “reload,” or make an additional deposit after wagering your initial investment, some sportsbooks may give you a bonus.
  • Odds boosts: Instead of the traditional -110 payoff you may expect from certain wagers, some sportsbooks might offer significantly larger odds as part of a promotion. Traditionally, these opportunities involve smaller bets with low limits. However, they do offer chances at significant value.

Worried you’ll miss a great promotion? Don’t be. You can open accounts on multiple Missouri sportsbooks. Doing so means you can sign up with several different promo codes and maximize your initial return on investment.

How to Claim Your Missouri Sportsbook Promo

  1. Select a MO sportsbook
  2. Register with a Missouri sports betting promo code
  3. Claim your promos of choice
  4. Deposit funds
  5. Meet the requirements of your chosen MO sports betting bonuses
  6. Choose your bet type
  7. Place first wager
  8. Withdraw your winnings

Missouri Sports and Teams to Bet On

Missouri has plenty of professional and college sports teams. When sports betting in Missouri is eventually legalized, a significant piece of the action will likely come from fans looking to support their favorite players and squads.

  • NFL: Kansas City Chiefs
  • NHL: St. Louis Blues
  • MLB: Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals
  • NCAA: Missouri Tigers

Several of these teams already have partnerships with sports betting operators. Those will likely become more heavily advertised once MO sports betting becomes legal and regulated.

Responsible Gaming in Missouri

The need for responsible gambling protocols is very, very real. Legal, regulated sportsbooks must institute certain safety protocols in order to do business in the United States. That include Missouri sports betting apps, which will launch with the following guard rails in place:

  • Self-exclusion
  • Deposit limits
  • Time management tools
  • Educational resources
  • Support and assistance
  • Age verification

Additional resources are also available through the Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling. People seeking help can call 1-888-BETS-OFF or email [email protected]. The Missouri Gaming Association and Missouri Gaming Commission also sponsor several programs designed to help those who need it.

Missouri Sports Betting FAQ

Not currently, no. Any legalization of Missouri sports betting would come from either the state legislature or a ballot initiative.

When will sports betting in Missouri launch?

It’s tough to say, but all signs point to 2025 if the ballot measure passes in November. Sports betting industries usually need six months to a year to prepare for a launch, which would indicate a “go live” date at some point in mid-2025.

Which of the Missouri sports betting promo codes are the best?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Caesars Sportsbook offers a lucrative sign-up bonus in the form of bonus bets, while promos you’ll find at BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel are of the “bet-get” variety. If and when Missouri sports betting launches, check back for all of the information you’ll need to know.

It’s complicated, and in any case, we do not recommend using these operators. Offshore sportsbooks are not regulated by federal or state governments, and many do not offer the types of consumer or responsible gambling protections you’ll find at legal, regulated sportsbooks. Your assets may not be nearly as well-protected as they would be at the outlets we’ve mentioned on this page.


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