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NFL Odds and Lines – Latest Betting Odds For Each NFL Game

Get the latest NFL odds and lines for each game on the gridiron tonight, find spreads, moneylines, and totals.

NFL Betting Odds

Few sports leagues garner more betting interest than the National Football League, and sportsbooks provide players with several NFL lines and odds to bet on. The most popular of these include:

  • Moneylines
  • Spreads
  • Totals

Sportsbooks also offer a range of NFL player, team, and game props to bet on, but the above lines are as popular in the NFL betting world as they are across other markets.

NFL Moneylines

Moneylines are among the simplest forms of betting to grasp. Each team has a fixed line reflecting their perceived odds of winning the game. If you bet on a team’s moneyline and they win their game, you win your moneyline bet.

Typically, NFL moneyline odds (and other odds at American sportsbooks) are written in the American format. For example:

  • San Francisco 49ers (-170) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (+132)

Each team’s number reflects their perceived likelihood of winning a game. Odds of plus or minus 100 would indicate a true even projection, where a $100 bet on either team to win would net $100 in profit.

The positive odds are given to a perceived underdog in a matchup. Winning a $100 bet on the Chiefs’ moneyline (+132) would net $132 in profit (132/100 * $100.)

The negative odds are given to a perceived favorite in a matchup. Winning a $100 bet on the 49ers’ moneyline (-170) would net $58.82 in profit (100/170 * $100.)

NFL Spreads

Spread betting is another common way to bet on NFL games. The concept is similar to moneyline betting but allows players more flexibility when betting on game outcomes.

Each NFL game available for betting at a sportsbook will have an assigned spread at close to even odds. This might look like:

  • San Francisco 49ers -3.5 (+100) vs. Kansas City Chiefs +3.5 (-130)

The numbers assigned to each team here are the spread: 3.5 points. A bet on the 49ers to cover this spread is a bet on them to win by at least 4 points. Conversely, a bet on the Chiefs to cover this spread is a bet on any other outcome, whether that means losing by 3 or fewer points or winning outright. The spread allows players a more compelling way to bet on the result of games that aren’t projected to be close on the moneyline.

While each NFL game available at an American sportsbook will have a preset spread, most operators will offer players the ability to bet on custom spreads at adjusted odds. The flexibility offered here varies, but it works in both directions. Whether players want to bet on riskier or more conservative NFL spreads, they’ll find they have options at American sportsbooks.

NFL Totals

Totals betting — alternatively known as over/under betting — allows players to wager on the result of NFL games in terms of the total number of points scored. Like spread betting, sportsbooks will post a preset total line that gives each side of the total close to even odds. Example:

  • San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs O/U 47.5 (-113/-115)

If the 49ers and Chiefs combine to score at least 48 points in their matchup, a $100 bet on the over (-113) would net $88.50 in profit. Should they combine to have scored 47 or fewer points by the end of the game, a $100 bet on the under (-115) would net $86.96 in profit. For the sake of the total bet, only the number of points matters; it makes no difference whether the points were scored by one team or the other.

As with spread betting, players who’d like to bet on custom total lines (at adjusted odds) will find that option available at most American sportsbooks. Additionally, players will find various prop bets that borrow from the total concept, allowing them to bet on over/under lines for individual teams or for the first or second half of a game.

Other NFL Lines

The NFL betting scene is rife with markets that go beyond the traditional moneylines, spreads, and totals. Aside from variations of spreads and totals, bettors will also find an array of player, team, and game props available for any game they choose to bet on. These range from over/under lines on passing yards for each team’s quarterback to which team will score first, to how many sacks either team’s defense will account for, to which team will lead the game at halftime. Most sportsbooks offer same-game parlay options for the above types of props; many even assemble pre-built parlays that players can bet on without navigating much deeper than the traditional odds in the sportsbooks’ interface.

Beyond that, the NFL also offers a wide range of futures bets that players can engage with year-round. Even in the quietest corners of the offseason, players can make futures bets on the winner of the upcoming Super Bowl, which team will win either conference or any division, whether any given team will or won’t make the playoffs, and other bets in that vein.

Latest NFL Odds

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