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MLB Odds and Lines – Latest Betting Odds For Each MLB Game

Get the latest MLB odds and lines for each game on the diamond, find spreads, moneylines, and totals.

MLB Odds Explained

MLB odds offer bettors a wide range of options. The assortment of MLB betting lines is vast, from standard pregame lines like run lines, moneylines, and totals to expansive prop markets and futures.

Below, we’ll discuss the most common MLB betting odds. Winners and Whiners is also your go-to for expert MLB predictions.

MLB Odds Tonight

Here, you can find the latest MLB lines with real-time odds for various bet types. Compare baseball odds across numerous MLB betting sites.

MLB odds are live from April through October, and there are dozens of games and betting lines to sift through nightly.

MLB Run Line Odds

MLB run lines are typically the first you’ll see for any game. Sportsbooks establish run lines to balance the betting action on both teams.

For instance, a typical MLB game betting line might look like this:

  • New York Yankees: -.1.5
  • Boston Red Sox: +1.5

In this scenario, the Yankees (-1.5) are the favorites, while the Red Sox (+1.5) are the underdogs. Betting on the Yankees means they need to win by two or more runs for your bet to cash. If you bet on the Red Sox, they must either win the game outright or lose by only one run for your bet to pay out.

MLB Moneyline Odds

If dealing with the run line isn’t your preference, you can opt for MLB moneylines and simply choose the team you think will win the game.

Moneyline odds are adjusted according to the perceived difference in team strength. For example, an MLB betting line might be as follows:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers ML: -220
  • San Francisco Giants ML: +180

In this example, A $100 moneyline bet on the favored Dodgers would net you $45.45 in profit. Meanwhile, a $100 bet on the underdog Giants would yield $180 in profits.

MLB Run Total Odds

Another popular MLB betting line is a wager on the total number of runs both teams will score combined.

MLB totals don’t require picking a winner or betting against a run line. Instead, you bet on the total number of runs scored in the game by choosing “over” or “under” a specified line.

For instance, MLB over/under odds might be set at 9.5. Betting on the over means the teams must score 10 runs or more. Betting on the under means 9 runs or fewer must be scored for your bet to win.

Instead of looking at the imbalance between the two teams, here you want to evaluate the strength of each lineup, the starting pitchers, the ballpark, weather patterns, and more.

MLB Game/Player Prop Odds

As mentioned, dozens of MLB betting lines exist for every game throughout the season. MLB prop bets allow you to place side wagers on aspects of the game that are not directly related to the final outcome.

MLB player props are connected to individual player achievements, such as betting on over/unders for total hits, RBIs, home runs, and strikeouts.

MLB game props focus on in-game occurrences, like the number of total home runs, the first team to score, or which team will lead after five innings.

Odds for MLB Futures

MLB futures are another avenue for betting on baseball. Futures focus on long-term outcomes rather than odds for a specific game. These can relate to team achievements or individual player performances like MLB props.

Popular MLB futures include:

  • Odds to Win the World Series
  • MLB MVP odds
  • Odds to Win the American/National League
  • Divisional Odds
  • Rookie of the Year odds
  • Cy Young Award Odds

Since forecasting entire season outcomes is more challenging, MLB futures often come with much more lucrative odds that could net 10x or greater in returns.

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