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CarJitsu Betting Now Offered At NJ Sports Betting Outlets

The New Jersey sports betting menu is a robust one, with offerings from around the world. The menu grew this week, though, with an addition of a fairly new sport.

Those in the Garden State are now able to wager on CarJitsu, following the approval of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. New Jersey sports betting is the first industry in the country to greenlight the sport.

What is CarJitsu?

In CarJitsu, two combatants do battle in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu match inside, you guessed it, a car. It’s run by the Pro League Network, which also runs a handful of other niche sports.

Before matches start, both fighters must be buckled into their seats. When the match starts, combatants must unbuckle themselves before attempting to submit their opponent. Competitors are allowed to use any part of the car’s interior during the fight, which takes place over three rounds.

The sport was conceived by a Russian MMA fighter named Vik Mikheev. Mikheev’s logic was that fighting in such a small space could be used to refine grappling techniques and discover new ways to engage in combat.

Wait, New Jersey sports betting allows this?

Other Pro League Network offerings are already available in several online sportsbooks, including BetMGM and bet365. This includes the World Putting League (mini-golf) and SlapFIGHT Championship (slap-fighting). Among other ventures, the company also offers a 3-on-3 basketball league called STR33T, which was launched in partnership with NBA legend Kevin Garnett.

The organization told ESPN that launching in New Jersey was a top priority.

“We wanted to stand it up there first, and we felt if we could meet all the expectations and requirements in New Jersey, it gave us a flight path for other parts of the country,” said co-founder Bill Yucatonis.

If you’re interested in niche sports like CarJitsu, there are avenues by which to bet on them. In addition, certain sportsbook bonuses and promos cover PLN offerings like these, and you can often find them on your betting platform of choice.


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