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FanDuel Sportsbook Announces Rob Gronkowski’s “Kick of Destiny 2”

FanDuel Sportsbook is reviving a major campaign ahead of Super Bowl 58. Retired tight end Rob Gronkowski will once again attempt a 25-yard field goal as part of the sportsbook’s “Kick of Destiny 2” promotion.

The first version of the campaign appeared ahead of Super Bowl 57. During the game, a commercial was shown featuring Gronkowski attempting to split the uprights. He missed that day but is back for another try this year.

FanDuel Sportsbook offering $10 million in bonus bets

FanDuel Sportsbook customers can take advantage of this unique promotion. The operator is allowing users to guess whether Gronk will make the kick. Bettors on the correct side will split $10 million in bonus bets.

“With the introduction of the Make or Miss free pick function and Rob’s desire for redemption, this year will be even more exciting for FanDuel customers,” FanDuel Executive Vice President of Marketing Andrew Sneyd said in a FanDuel press release. “Rob is an authentic embodiment of the FanDuel fan – passionate, entertaining, and trailblazing – and we’re ready to make history…again.”

“Kick of Destiny 2” includes other celebrities, too

The spot will include commentary from Kay Adams, who hosts a daily show on FanDuel TV. FanDuel has also enlisted actor and former NFL player Carl Weathers to serve as Gronkowski’s coach, and he appeared in FanDuel’s first promotional spot for the campaign.

Meanwhile, actor and wrestler John Cena is serving as Gronk’s primary antagonist. As one may expect, the trash-talking has begun in haste.

“I rarely get to play the villain so I’m ready to fully embrace this role,” Cena said in the press release. “I remember watching Gronk’s kick last year and am so excited to be working with a brand like FanDuel to make this sports moment more exciting for their fans, but do I think he’s going to make it? No chance!”

Gronkowski, for his part, remains enthusiastic about his chances at making the kick despite last year’s failure.

“I’m going to show America I can make that kick, even with all the pressure of doing it live in front of the entire country,” he said. “No wind is going to stop me, and we’re going through the uprights this year for everyone who picks that I’m going to make the kick.”

Other FanDuel Sportsbook bonuses

In addition to the $10 million bonus, FanDuel continues to promote its current sign-up offer. New users (including those signing up for Super Bowl 58 betting) can enjoy $150 in bonus bets after making a $5 wager on any market. No promo code is necessary to redeem this offer.


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